Canal Istanbul Project Tender Out to TOKİ Housing Tender Before Completion

Canal istanbul project tender was awarded to toki housing before the tender was completed
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The legal process has not been completed for the development of the region, which was opened to rent by TOKİ. IMM Assembly Member Nadir Ataman said, “I have never seen such nonsense in my life. I wouldn't be surprised if they start construction without the land titles," he said.

According to the news of Cumhuriyet writer Hazal Ocak, While the objections regarding the controversial Kanal Istanbul project were continuing, it was determined that the 970 thousand 300 square meters of pasture area and adjacent field areas in the Sazlıbosna District, which is within the scope of the project, were put out to tender for the "quietly" housing. The areas in question were opened for development with the plans prepared within the scope of the Kanal Istanbul project, but the areas still appear as "field" and "raw soil". Nadir Ataman, CHP councilor of the Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), called to TOKI, "You are going out to tender for a place where the land title has not been taken yet, how will you start the construction without the land title? Is there a new zoning license law in Turkey but we are not aware of it? What is this rush, what rush?" asked.

The zoning plans of Yenişehir, which will be built within the scope of the controversial Kanal Istanbul project, were prepared. With the plans of the new city to be established around the canal, consisting of 3 stages, the region, mostly consisting of field areas, was opened for development. One of the most discussed lands was the 970 thousand 300 square meters of pasture land in Arnavutköy, Sazlıbosna Neighborhood, located on the project route. This land, which has been transformed into a residential – commercial area with plans, is now owned by TOKİ, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.


TOKİ quietly published a tender notice for the canal view lands, including the pasture. It has been announced that the tender for the construction of 1 residences and 540 shops, and infrastructure and landscaping for the 8st Stage of Arnavutköy district will be held on October 6th. It was stated in the advertisement that the work would take 600 days after the site delivery. In the "soil and foundation study data report" included in the tender dossier, the details of the project to be built in the region were also revealed.

In the report, it is stated that the lands in question are zoned in the Istanbul zoning plan maps, but the lands still appear as "raw soil" and "field" in the records. In the report, in which the area looks commercial and residential, it is stated that it is planned to build basement (+ 4) or 5-storey blocks in the area. There are also images of the first phase of the project in the tender dossier. Buildings with basement (+ 5) floors were featured in the images. Apart from the first stage tender of TOKİ, it was also seen that the second stage of the "Arnavutköy District 2nd Stage 485 Housing Construction and Infrastructure and Landscaping Work" was put out to tender. The location of the tender, which is stated to be held on September 24, is neither known nor detailed.


Nadir Ataman, a CHP member of the IMM, who followed the process, evaluated the TOKI tender for Cumhuriyet. Ataman said, “The first digging in the new city is from Sazlıbosna. There is an accident in prayer, there is no accident in rent! We said that the Kanal Istanbul rent project. Now, on September 23 and October 6, 18 applications have not been suspended in TOKİ Sazlıbosna. In other words, the new island is being advertised for 1000 residences in the old pasture area, even the parcel number of which is unknown. Canal Istanbul tender was not made. The title deeds were not distributed, the infrastructure (İGDAŞ, İSKİ, electricity) works of the relevant place do not exist. For what reason are they starting the housing project, which sees Kanal Istanbul from the most beautiful place, near the bridge whose foundation was laid and the highway whose expropriation has just been published? I have been working on these issues for 20 years. I have been a member of the IMM Assembly for years. I have never seen such nonsense in my life. I wouldn't be surprised if they start construction without the title deeds. Then the citizen should start the construction on his field. According to this understanding, zoning law, licensing regulations, nothing is important in Turkey. We're in a hurry, we need to start construction."

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