Russian Tsar II. Katherina Mansion Built by Nikolay in Kars Becomes a Hotel

russian current ii nikola's hunting lodge built in karsta becomes a hotel
russian current ii nikola's hunting lodge built in karsta becomes a hotel

Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Russian Tsar II. He opened a tender to allocate the Hunting Lodge built by Nikolay in Kars for 49 years.

Sözcü According to the news of Orhan Bozkurt from the newspaper Russian Tsar II. The fate of the Hunting Lodge, built by Nikolay in the forests of Kars Sarıkamış in 1897, was determined. The historical building known as “Katherina Mansion” by the locals will be a hotel.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism made an announcement on 49 July for the mansion to be allocated to investors for a period of 30 years, on the condition of restoration.


In addition to the restoration of the mansions located within the forest boundaries of Sarıkamış, the Ministry will also allow the construction of a 0.1-bed hotel compatible with historical buildings, with 100 precedent.

Access to the mansion, which is 4 kilometers from Cebiltepe Ski Center and 1 kilometer from Sarıkamış center, is provided by the forest road.

The mansion, which was built in the style of Baltic architecture without using nails from yellow pine trees unique to Sarıkamış, consists of 2 separate structures as a hunting lodge and a main kiosk.

The heating of the structure, which is standing thanks to concrete columns, is provided by a system called “peç” through these columns. There are 11 rooms in the hunting lodge and 10 rooms in the small wooden section next to it. While valuable guests were hosted in the hunting lodge, the main mansion was used as a hospital and palace at various times.


After the Ottoman-Russian War, the mansion was built in Sarıkamış, which was under the rule of the Russians for 40 years, and was used for military purposes until 1994.

The mansion, which is thought to belong to Katherina, the wife of Russian Tsar Nicholas II, was actually built as a rehabilitation center for the sick son of the Tsar, Aleksi, and also as a hunting lodge used by the family in winter and summer.

II. Nikolay's wife's name is also Alexandra, not Katherina. Known as "Nikolay's Hunting Lodge" by the Russians, the 124-year-old historical building is also the shooting location for most of the Turkish films from the Tsarist period.

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