TMMOB warned once again on the 17nd Anniversary of the 22 August Earthquake! Take Precautions

tmmob warned once again on the anniversary of the august earthquake, take precautions
tmmob warned once again on the anniversary of the august earthquake, take precautions

Due to the anniversary of the 17 August earthquake, chambers of TMMOB made a joint statement and drew attention to the risks created by the earthquake and the precautions to be taken.

It has been 1939 years since the 1999 Gölcük earthquake, which was recorded as the second largest earthquake in the history of the Republic after the 22 Erzincan earthquake. The 7.4 magnitude earthquake caused destruction in the entire Marmara region. The earthquake shook all of Turkey in terms of loss of life and the economic consequences it created.

The lesson learned from the 17 August Earthquake was that cities built by ignoring geographical risks, unplanned-distorted urbanization and structures that do not receive engineering services pose a great threat to people. It has been adopted by all circles that the precautions to be taken before the earthquake rather than the post-earthquake intervention should be considered. However, it is argued that no concrete measures have been taken in the 22 years that have passed after every small-scale earthquake that has occurred in the recent period.

The chambers affiliated to TMMOB on the subject made a joint statement and drew attention to the risks created by the earthquake and the precautions to be taken. In the joint statement signed by Bülent Pala, the President of the Chamber of Electrical Engineers, Taner Yüzgeç, the President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, Yunus Yener, the President of the Mechanical Engineers Chamber, Deniz İncedayı, the President of the Chamber of Architects, and Gencay Serter, the President of the Chamber of City Planners, a call was made to "take measures to avoid greater suffering". .


Emphasizing that Kanal Istanbul will be a 'survival' problem for Istanbul, which has a high earthquake risk, the statement said, "Even in the current situation, disaster response opportunities of a city whose earthquake assembly areas and transportation routes are destroyed are almost blocked, and it is not known how a divided city will react after an earthquake." it was said.


Pointing out that the status of the existing building stock is also uncertain, the chambers emphasized that the building inventory work, which is expected to be completed in 2017, has not been completed. Noting that the results of the work carried out in public buildings were not shared, the statement said, "The number of schools, dormitories, kindergartens, hospitals, how many of them have been screened, how many of them have been demolished, strengthened or used, how many have been demolished or if they will be strengthened, the projects have been made and how much has been strengthened. not within his knowledge. There is a need for radical, permanent and preventive changes in the Building Inspection Law.


The chambers, which called for the enactment of the Building Law, in which there would be regulations regarding the contracting sector, stated that the constitutional right of citizens, the safety of life and property, was left to free market conditions. In the statement, which emphasized that the main reason for the lack of supervision was that the rent relations, technique, science and art rules, it was emphasized that the issue of urban renewal and urban transformation was brought to the agenda mostly in line with the demands of the real estate market.

Expressing that it is necessary to renew a significant part of the building stock today, the chambers said, “Our practice; emerges as the creation of a new rent order. Obviously, a rent-based order that takes into account the interests of individuals and groups unfortunately becomes equivalent to the concept of urban transformation.


In the statement, which stated that while the risks related to the building stock were not eliminated, the zoning amnesties issued by the government increased the threat of loss of life and property. The zoning amnesty puts the society's living in healthy and safe houses into uncertainty. In the statement, it was stated that the number of architects, engineers and city planners working in the public sector, who assume a supervisory and implementer role in the earthquake, should also be increased.


In the statement, the things to be done against earthquakes are summarized as follows:

  • All structures benefiting from zoning amnesty should be assumed not to have received engineering service and should be subject to inspection.
  • Except for exceptional cases, each site manager should be appointed full-time at only one construction site, and it must be mandatory for those who will fulfill this task to attend the trainings given by the relevant professional chambers and be certified.
  • Urban transformation should be considered as a whole of social, economic and spatial development.
  • In particular, the Zoning Law, the Building Supervision Law, the Urban Transformation Law and all related laws and related regulations should be rearranged with a holistic approach, taking into account the principle of public interest.
  • Buildings across the country should be examined, and risky structures should be identified and made safe.
  • Kanal Istanbul is not a transportation and urbanization project. Instead of mobilizing public resources to take measures to prevent disaster damage, they should not be spent on crazy projects that are far from rationality in all aspects.

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