Istanbul rain
34 Istanbul

Heavy Rain Expected Tonight in Istanbul!

The sweltering summer heat, which has been effective throughout the week in Istanbul, is getting ready to leave its place to a cooler and rainy weather as of tonight. IMM, sudden flood, flood, lightning, which may be caused by heavy rains, [more…]

Should you be isolated in flu symptoms?

Should You Be Isolated for Flu Symptoms?

Stating that flu infection and Covid-19 symptoms are similar, experts warn that in case of flu infection symptoms, the risk of becoming Covid-19 should be kept in mind, and to be isolated. Experts, strengthening the immune system during this period [more…]

mollakasim ayanis road is dazzling
65 Van

Mollakasim Ayanis Road Is Dazzling

Van Metropolitan Municipality has completed the asphalt works on the group road of Mollakasim-Ayanis-Özyurt districts of Tusba district. The renewed road was welcomed by the citizens. Van Metropolitan Municipality continues its asphalt and road works throughout the city. This [more…]

candidate students met with ege university
35 Izmir

Prospective Students Met with Ege University

“Ege University Online Promotion and Preference Days” started at Ege University with the theme of “Right choice, right future”. In the event, which will continue for two years, prospective students, online seminar, online counseling for preferences, preference robot, [more…]

sleep disorder can cause depression

Sleep Disorder Can Cause Depression!

Sleep apnea, which continues to increase rapidly in our country as it is in the whole world, causes many diseases and negatively affects the quality of life. Depression is a common problem especially in the presence of moderate and severe apnea. [more…]

Ibb's canceled metrobus purchase tender was held
34 Istanbul

IMM's Canceled 160 Metrobus Purchase Tender Held

With the tender, which was broadcast live for the first time in IETT history, 160 vehicles will be purchased for the metrobus line. The result of the tender, in which four different companies participated, will be announced after the evaluation. One of the subsidiaries of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) [more…]

the joy of collective bargaining in your sea
35 Izmir

The Joy of Collective Bargaining in İZDENİZ

The ongoing collective bargaining negotiations between the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the Turkish Seafarers' Union, in which İZDENİZ company personnel are organized, have been concluded. According to the contract, 28,40 percent for the personnel working on land, and for personnel working at sea. [more…]