Pay attention to knee pain that does not go away for a long time

Beware of Knee Pain That Doesn't Go Long!

Pain in and around the knee may be a sign of knee calcification. Knee osteoarthritis treatment is a problem that should not be delayed. Anesthesiology and Reanimation Specialist Prof. Dr. Serbulent Gökhan Beyaz gave important information about the subject. Knee [more…]

emirates was awarded the gold award in three fields
971 United Arab Emirates

Emirates Wins Gold in Three Areas

Known for its world-leading air transportation services, Emirates also made a name for itself in this field, with its flawless land transportation services being deemed worthy of three gold awards at the RoSPA ceremony. Award two years in a row [more…]

le mans hour meets new motul v

Le Mans 24 Hours Meets New MOTUL 300V

From racing cars to high-performance cars, there has been a name synonymous with success for the last 50 years: the Motul 300V. The 300V was born from Motul's never-ending pursuit of continuous motion. Motul introduces a new technology that pushes the boundaries of performance. [more…]

temporary catal olive bridge is open for transportation
37 Kastamonu

Temporary Çatalzeytin Bridge Opened to Transportation

The temporary bridge, which was built on the road connecting Çatalzeytin-Türkeli districts, instead of Çatalzeytin Bridge, which was destroyed due to the flood, was opened to traffic. The opening of the bridge, which was put into service by placing 2×2 prefabricated culverts, was announced by the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil. [more…]

ankarada got free internet
06 Ankara

35 Squares in Ankara Have Free Internet

The free internet service, which was implemented in 918 rural neighborhoods for students receiving distance education during the pandemic process, has now been moved to 35 squares of the Capital. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş said, “The right to access the Internet [more…]

Golcuk Silk Road Boulevard is coming to the intersection
41 Kocaeli

An intersection is coming to Gölcük Silk Road Boulevard

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality contributes to making the transportation of citizens more convenient and comfortable with its superstructure works in Gölcük district. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues the projects that will ease the traffic of the city and increase the transportation comfort. [more…]