tokyo paralympic games started today
81 Japan

2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games Start Today

The 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games started today. 7 athletes from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Sports Club (Istanbul BBSK) will fight for the national jersey. Wishing success to all athletes representing our country, İBB President Ekrem [more…]

Do not delay in the treatment of adenoid enlargement

Do not delay in the treatment of adenoid growth!

Some conditions that can be considered normal in childhood can actually point to an important health problem. Frequent illness, sleeping with mouth open, snoring during sleep, sweating, waking up frequently, growth and development retardation are quite different from each other. [more…]

take care of heart health in the heat

Attention to Heart Health in Hot!

Cardiovascular Diseases Specialist Dr. Dr. Muharrem Arslandag gave information on the subject. Cardiovascular diseases, which are the most important cause of death today, are one of every 2-3 people despite the increasing technology. [more…]

separate school excitement from worry

Separate School Excitement from Worry

A very short time before the opening of the schools, all families and their children are in a sweet rush again. There are also those who will be starting school for the first time this year. The rush of them and their families [more…]

russian movies week has started in kadikoy
34 Istanbul

KadıköyRussian Films Week Started in

Standing out with cultural and artistic activities throughout the summer Kadıköynow hosts the week of Russian Films. The event held in Istanbul on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War was held at Caddebostan Cultural Center. [more…]

Work Started on the Old Mardin Road
21 Diyarbakir

Works Started on Old Mardin Road

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality has started the expansion and renovation works on the 4.5 kilometer long street that connects the Old Mardin Road to the new Mardin Road. Metropolitan Municipality, Kırklar Mountain, Ongözlü Bridge and Goat Bastion [more…]

a sapling grows a world campaign
35 Izmir

One Sapling One World Campaign is Growing

The solidarity campaign "One Sapling, One World", initiated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to ensure that the green cover of the city can renew itself after the fire, is growing. Minister Tunç Soyer“Burning areas have the power to renew themselves. [more…]

A record number of applications have been received for the Istanbul Renewal Campaign.
34 Istanbul

Record Application Received for Istanbul Renewal Campaign

A record number of applications have been received for the “Istanbul Renewal” campaign, which was initiated by IMM to create earthquake-safe buildings. Over 1.5 applications were made to the system in 150 months, covering the living space of 1.600 thousand Istanbul residents. The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

Turkey's most famous nature walk routes

Turkey's Most Famous Hiking Routes

The smell of the soil, the enchanting atmosphere of nature, lush trees, the chirping of the birds… All these are just a few of the beauties that come to mind when it comes to trekking. Going for nature walks is a relief from the hustle and bustle of city life. [more…]