Renault August Campaign Continues to Offer Advantageous Opportunities

renault august campaign continues to offer advantageous opportunities
renault august campaign continues to offer advantageous opportunities

Renault continues to offer advantages in August as well. One of Renault's 2021 model cars, New Taliant's limited edition Touch 1.0 Turbo X-tronic 90 hp, Megane Sedan's Joy 1.3 TCe 140 hp and New Clio's Icon 1.0 TCe X-Tronic 90 hp versions, 60 thousand TL credit, It is offered for sale with a 12-month maturity and zero interest financing campaign*.

In addition, a swap discount of 2021 thousand TL** awaits consumers in the 3 model year versions of the New Taliant, New Clio and New Megane Sedan.

Those who use a loan from Renault Finance can have a limited number of 2021 model year cars, the New Clio Joy 1.0 Sce 65 hp version, at advantageous prices of 163.400 TL and ZOE at advantageous prices of 316 thousand 900 TL.

Special offers for healthcare professionals and online sales

File costs are not charged for the loans used from Renault Finans in online sales made through the platform with healthcare professionals in all Renault passenger vehicle models. In addition, the Maxxi Maintenance product, which covers the first periodical maintenance of the vehicle, is given as a gift.

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