Pirelli Specially Developed for Hyundai KONA N

Pirelli p zero tires offer real driving pleasure
Pirelli p zero tires offer real driving pleasure

Pirelli offers real driving pleasure with a new P Zero tire specially developed for the recently launched Hyundai KONA N, combining performance, control and comfort. The latest N model, which was recently introduced to the European press, is the first SUV produced by Hyundai's 'sporting N' team. Every Hyundai N model is developed on three axes: cornering master, everyday sports car and racetrack capability.


Pirelli engineers meet the expectations of Hyundai engineers with the new 235/40R19 96 Y size P Zero tires developed for KONA N, increasing performance on the track while increasing safety and driving pleasure on the road. These improvements were achieved through a year of joint testing by Hyundai and Pirelli at the Nurburgring in Germany and the Namyang circuit in Korea. Pirelli has developed for the Hyundai N team a 'tailor made' P Zero tire range with low road noise, with the goal of maximizing the performance of each car while offering maximum comfort in the vehicle. The P Zero tire was born as an Ultra High Performance (UHP) product that brings together Pirelli's motorsport experience in cooperation with the world's best automobile manufacturers. In line with Pirelli's 'perfect fit' strategy, P Zero tires developed for KONA N do not compromise on driving comfort while emphasizing performance. With excellent wet braking performance (certified by the 'A' mark on the tire), safety is highlighted, while durability, handling and comfort are emphasized. There is a 'HN' mark on the sidewall of the tire, indicating that it was produced specifically for the Korean manufacturer.


Pirelli P Zero tires as original equipment (20/30R215 40 Y and 18/89R235 respectively) for other sports cars in the N series, including the new Hyundai i35 N produced in Turkey, and the new Hyundai i19 N as in the previous model. It supplies 91 Y sizes. In this way, the cooperation between Pirelli and Hyundai, which started with the supply of tires especially for the American market for the Hyundai i2016 Fastback N and Hyundai Veloster N in 30. The use of Pirelli tires in the KONA N model, the Italian tire manufacturer and Hyundai now It underlines once again the close connection between the sporting mission of the N series, which covers all high-performance models in Europe.

The 'N', which represents the Namyang region, home to Hyundai's global research and development division in South Korea, also refers to Hyundai's technical center at the legendary Nurburgring circuit. The famous German track, known for its variety of bends and ups and downs, is used as a test track to measure the speed of sports cars, especially KONA N. The N logo, which evokes a bend on the racetrack, also evokes this sporting heritage.


Hyundai has been taking part in many of the world's most important motorsports championships for years. The Korean company has been participating in the World Rally Championship since 24 with the i2019 Coupe WRC, which won the constructors' championship in 2020 and 20, as well as races such as the Nurburgring VLN series, the Pirelli World Challenge and the Nurburgring 2014 Hours. Having a strong connection with the WRC for a long time, Pirelli uses the rallies as an open-air laboratory to try out new technologies that it will launch later. Taking part in rallies since 1973, Pirelli has won 25 world championships and 181 rallies to date. The Italian company, which was the official tire supplier of the World Rally Championship between 2008 and 2010, continues its role as supplier of WRC2018 from 2 and WRC from 2021 until 2024. With this new collaboration, Pirelli once again emphasizes its leadership position in the world's most prestigious motor sports championships.

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