How To Better Follow And Keep Track Of Your Trailers And Containers

Container Tracking System

Whether you are in the trucking business or you are going cross country with a trailer attached to your truck, ensuring the safety of your vehicle and goods is in your best interest. Modern GPS tracking systems can be very helpful to people who are managing fleets of vehicles for an organization or a rental company and are also very handy for private vehicle owners. The latest GPS hardware used in monitoring vehicles delivers a lot more data than just the physical location of your vehicle. This is especially useful in cases where the vehicle is transporting sensitive goods such as frozen products or highly pressurized gases as the fleet manager can continuously monitor the state of the vehicle in terms of storage area temperature, pressure, and the weight of the cargo on board.

By efficiently tracking and monitoring your vehicles, whether those are full-sized trucks or smaller rental cars, you can improve the safety of the vehicle and the people on board. While simultaneously saving a lot of money on fuel and ensuring that your products are delivered on time, in the best state possible. On that note, here are some of the most efficient ways you can monitor and track your vehicles.

1. Monitor Vehicle Hours

One of the biggest and most expensive problems that fleet managers and transportation company owners can face is road accidents. Road accidents cause serious damage to the vehicle which can cost a lot of money to fix, the goods onboard can be damaged beyond repair but more importantly, drivers can lose their lives. In 2012 alone over 104.000 truck drivers were seriously injured while nearly 4000 drivers lost their lives in the same year. This was largely due to drowsy driving caused by fatigue. Through a monitoring app, you can see how long a driver has been driving and if they exceed the recommended 10 hours per day you can take action and have them stop. This will improve the amount of work they can do in 10 hours and also decrease the chance of accidents due to driver fatigue significantly.

2. Better Management

Tanks are used both for transporting liquids and storing them at the destinations. The professionals at explain that wireless monitoring solutions help keep an eye on all kinds of tanks whether they are on a truck or at a gas station. The most challenging part of tank solutions is keeping an eye on how much liquid is in the tank to optimize refilling times and to reduce shortages in supply. Through advanced software, you can eliminate guesswork and also better tackle leakages and problems of theft. For some substances such as highly compressed gas and lethal industrial gases, it is vital to maintain tank temperatures. Through this type of service, you can monitor every vital stat of the tank and make adjustments to ensure that the liquids are stored at optimum conditions.

3. Fuel Economy

Fuel expense is one of the most expensive parts of moving trucks and trailers over long distances and the huge fluctuations in recent fuel prices have not helped improve this situation. In the recent past even though fuel prices have slightly decreased, the overall trend has been upward and, with other expenses also going up, it has been a tough time for those in the transport industry. Through GPS systems not only can you optimize routes based on traffic and congestion but you can also optimize vehicle performance by minimizing idling, managing driving speed, and restricting unauthorized use of the vehicle. It gives you control over many aspects of the vehicle and in the long run, this will deliver a tremendous amount of fuel savings.

4. Safety

When your vehicles are on the road, especially with high-value goods on board, the chances of theft are high. Through GPS tracking you have a bird's eye view of the vehicle no matter where it is. More importantly, through geofencing services, you can be notified if the vehicle is going off track or is somewhere where it shouldn't be.

Container Tracking System and Management

High-end GPS solutions also give you some control over the vehicle and in the case that you suspect the vehicle has gone into the wrong hands, you can shut down the engine and completely freeze the vehicle remotely. Advanced services such as these make GPS tracking services a must-have for any transport company and even for private users. It helps optimize and secure so many different aspects of the vehicle and the business at a very small price.

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