labeling automation benefits the automotive industry

Labeling Automation Benefits The Automotive Industry

With the robotic labeling systems established specifically for the automotive industry, slowdowns and stops on the lines are prevented, and the quality standard is achieved. One of the largest automotive companies that have switched to the robotic labeling system. kazanlabels – in inventory costs [more…]

havas expands cooperation with fbo riga
371 Latvia

Havaş Expands Cooperation With FBO RIGA

Havaş, the experienced brand of ground handling services; By expanding its cooperation with FBO RIGA, which it supports within the scope of general aviation activities, it undertook all ground handling and de-icing operations for private business jets. 2010 at Riga Airport [more…]

Kadikoy Ortakoy ferry service started
34 Istanbul

Kadıköy Ortaköy Ferry Expeditions Started

IMM City Lines AŞ, the line running between Ortaköy-Üsküdar Kadıköyhe handed it to. Ortaköy, which will be made 14 trips a day-Kadıköy On the line, the voyage time will be 35 minutes. İBB City Lines AŞ to Ortaköy-Üsküdar line Kadıköyalso [more…]

miserable scholarship painting competition concluded

19th Şefik Bursalı Painting Competition Concluded

The results of the Şefik Bursalı Painting Competition, which is organized every year to keep alive the memory of Şefik Bursalı, one of the important masters of painting in Turkey, and to support, evaluate and exhibit the works of artists in the field of plastic arts, have been announced. culture and [more…]