Sakarya smart bike system Sakbis is getting ready for summer
54 Sakarya

Sakarya Smart Bicycle System SAKBİS Prepares for Summer

SAKBIS, a healthy, reliable and environmentally friendly transportation vehicle put into service by the Metropolitan Municipality, is getting ready for the summer. The teams of the Department of Transportation carry out the maintenance and repair of the bicycles. In addition, SAKBIS's are regularly disinfected. Sakarya [more…]

giant drug operation in iskender
31 Hatay

Giant Drug Operation in Iskenderun

6 million 264 thousand captagon type narcotic pills were seized in an operation carried out in a port in Iskenderun by the Customs Enforcement teams of the Ministry of Commerce. The seizure in question has been carried out by Customs Enforcement teams so far. [more…]

Fun ways to create a password for kids

Fun Ways to Create Passwords for Kids

While teaching kids appropriate cybersecurity habits may seem daunting, it's important to start early in this digital time we live in. Cybersecurity organization ESET tells children how their cybersecurity habits are kazanrecommendations on how to [more…]

Award-winning competition for talented students

Awarded Competition for Talented Students

Dassault Systemes invites all students to showcase their talents with the “Project of the Year 2021” competition. Providing businesses and people with collaborative 3D virtual environments, Dassault Systèmes aims to inspire and inspire future innovation pioneers. [more…]

the secret of a long life has been resolved

The Secret of Longevity Solved

It is possible to reveal the potential to live approximately 150 years from birth and genetically with complementary treatments. Infinity Regenerative Clinic vitality to the body kazana unique restructuring and [more…]