The sea lettuce in İzmir Korfez is being cleaned
35 Izmir

The Sea Lettuce in Izmir Bay is being cleaned

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality officials, Karşıyaka The green algae called 'ulva lactuca', popularly known as 'sea lettuce' and seen on the coasts of the sea, is caused by the proliferation of nutritive elements in the sea due to the increase in temperature. [more…]

hidden cause of spine pain

Hidden Cause of Spine Pain

Specialist Physiotherapist Mirsad Alkan, who stated that the right sitting habits are lost with working from home and that the person also engages in unhealthy behaviors such as lying down, said that this is the case with the neglected sacroiliac joint. [more…]

Maintenance suggestions for vehicles in spring

Maintenance Recommendations for Vehicles in Spring

Delphi Technologies, which develops future-oriented solutions for automotive equipment manufacturers under the umbrella of BorgWarner, has listed its maintenance recommendations for vehicles that will be on the roads more with the arrival of spring. Tools by Delphi Technologies experts [more…]

veteran wagon has become a heartbreaker
61 Trabzon

Veteran Wagon Became 'Bridge of Hearts'

An idle wagon in Trabzon became a bridge for students. The wagon placed on the stream in Maçka district connected the primary school with the main road. It carried passengers between Istanbul and Kocaeli for many years, and the day has come to an end. [more…]

hot weather can trigger heart disease

Hot Weather Can Trigger Heart Disease!

Rising air temperatures with the approach of summer months pose new risks for heart patients. Near East University Hospital Cardiology Department physicians Dr. Aziz Günsel, heart patients' nutrition, daily activities in this period [more…]