Veteran Eminönü Ferry Will Serve As A Barge

veteran Eminonu ferry will serve as a pontoon
veteran Eminonu ferry will serve as a pontoon

The 1967 Eminönü Car Ferry, which has been serving in the fleet of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of IZDENIZ for years, will contribute to the city in a different field from now on. The ferry will be transformed into a pontoon with 600 square meters of usable area; It will be used for celebration organizations, social and cultural events.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is an “extraordinary” venue for festivals, cultural/art events and celebration organizations. kazanyelling. Eminönü Car Ferry, which was built in 1967 and served for sea transportation in İzmir for years in the fleet of İZDENİZ General Directorate, was towed to Alaybey Shipyard within the body of İzmir Shipyard Command to be converted into a 'pontoon'.

back to the city kazanwill be called

Reminding that the veteran ferry has completed its economic life with its age of more than half a century and was taken out of service on May 31, 2019, İZDENİZ General Manager Ümit Yılmaz said: kazanstressed that it will be done, gave the following information:

Add a different weather

“It will be converted into a barge and have 600 square meters of usage area. It will also serve within the İZDENİZ fleet. It can be connected to the desired location. Special day and celebration activities, culture / art activities, exhibitions, sound and light shows, festivals, concerts, etc. Can be used for organizations. Thanks to the unique atmosphere and view of the Izmir Bay, it will add a different atmosphere to the events. "

Can also be used in open sea

Yılmaz, the barge; He added that it can also be used in offshore projects, marine construction and dredging studies. The barge is planned to be put into service in May, after the completion of the renovation works.

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