Turkey's Leading Ski Track Progress on Arbitrary Erciyes Ski Center

turkiyenin piste skiing enjoyment suruyor leader in Erciyes ski resort
turkiyenin piste skiing enjoyment suruyor leader in Erciyes ski resort

📩 15/04/2021 16:14

Turkey's most advanced shining star in the ski resort of Erciyes Ski Center, with 26 units ski slopes in 34 million square meters area ranks first in Turkey, mechanical facilities and slopes in the ski resort of April 7, 2021 As with service between 09.00:16.00-XNUMX:XNUMX hours giving.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Erciyes A.Ş. Erciyes Ski Center, where ski tourism and other activities are managed by Erciyes Ski Center, continues to be the favorite of ski lovers thanks to its degrees in competitions, with the certificate of the first safest ski resort in the world.


Erciyes Ski Center continues to contribute to the economy of Kayseri and the country with a total of 34 ski tracks with varying degrees of difficulty. Providing qualified and professional services to its guests with its 19 mechanical facilities and equipment, Erciyes Ski Center manages to attract all amateur and professional skiers.


Erciyes Ski Center, which continues to be controlled continuously within the scope of corona virus measures, has hosted many national and international competitions, events and organizations to date. Erciyes has become the ski resort with the Tripadvisor Excellence Certificate, which is awarded to important holiday and travel businesses around the world, as well as the Travelers Choice Award, and has also achieved the success of obtaining the Bureau Veritas (Safe Ski Resort) certificate, the world's first and only safe ski resort certificate during the pandemic period. . The last process in the alternative tourism opportunities with the European Commission distinguished Destinations Network locations that qualify Erciyes, which has become a unique winter destination on an international level, 2021 Best Ski Resorts for skiing in Italy in the competition center competes with Zinnen Dolomites Turkey on this issue became the only ski resort to represent. Erciyes Ski Center also draws attention as a ski resort with ISO 9001, ISO 10002 and IQNET certificates, Service Quality Standards, Customer Satisfaction Management System and International Recognition Certificates in our country.


Mechanical facilities and tracks in Erciyes Ski Center, which is seen that skiing can be done even in June depending on the seasonal conditions and is the center of attention of domestic and foreign tourists, started to serve between 7-2021 as of April 09.00, 16.00. Erciyes, which reinforces the snow on the tracks with a total of 154 snow machines installed in regions such as Develi, Hacılar, Tekir, Hisarcık, serves as a popular ski resort for ski lovers.


In addition, Snowcat tours, a tracked snowmobile, continue at Erciyes Ski Center, which takes care to offer the best service to its visitors. Those who want to explore Erciyes with Snowcat go up to the Çobanini Campground and return to the event, and those who wish prefer to enjoy plenty of snow with skiing. On the other hand, thanks to the "Cat Ski" application, the number of people who go up with snowtruck and experience the magnificent Erciyes in abundant snow is increasing day by day.

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