Turkey-Albania Fier Friendship Hospital Opens Service

ALBANIA turkey was fior friendship hospital emergency services
ALBANIA turkey was fior friendship hospital emergency services

Built by Turkey and Albania Fier Turkey-Albania Friendship Hospital opened with a ceremony. Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, Albanian Minister of Health and Social Protection Ogerta Manastirliu attended the opening ceremony attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with a live link.

Speaking at the historical ceremony, President Erdoğan said, “I am pleased to meet you. Turkey-Albania relations are developing day by day. We have given all kinds of support to the development of Albania for more than 30 years. It has formalized our strategic partnership by taking the bond of friendship and brotherhood between our countries one step further. We told that the hospital should be completed in 3 months in Albania. We completed it in less than 3 months. 387 medical staff at the hospital

"Here today we are adding new deep-rooted and multi-dimensional Turkey-Albania friendship ring," said Erdogan, adding that he continued as follows:

"Turkey is a big misconception falls to those who see as a rival. On behalf of my nation and myself, I hope Fier Friendship Hospital will be beneficial to all Albanian people. We have seen operating theaters, all equipped with the most advanced technology. I believe that it will bring great wealth to Albania. Turkey-Albania relations will move much further. "

"It will be an example for the Balkans"

Speaking at the ceremony, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca also used the following statements:

"Turkey-Albania Friendship Hospital Fier our country from 2002 to be transferred to Albania since the implementation of the health care system will be operating successfully process. I believe that Turkey-Albania Fier Friendship Hospital accommodate modern medical equipment that will be an example for the Balkans with the health service.

We will put into practice the knowledge and experiences we have gained in our country with the contributions of our Albanian brothers and sisters in our hospital. I hope that our hospital not only heals its patients, but also carries the existing cooperation between our countries stronger. With my best regards. I wish it to be good. "

About Turkey-Albania Fier Friendship Hospital

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama visited Turkey in Albania's 150-bed construction began following the instructions given by the President Erdogan made the hospital the hospital was completed in a short time than planned. The hospital, which was completed in 68 days and was put into service, has 6 operating rooms as well as 20 intensive care units, 150 service beds, biochemistry, microbiology laboratories, MRI, tomography, mobile x-ray machine, colonoscopy, endoscopy, laparoscopy and angiography.

The hospital gave full capacity 56 may be extended every year by Turkey 331 is scheduled to make the task of a total of 387 medical personnel, including Albanians and for 3 years will be operated jointly by Turkey and Albania hospital partners operating time of the parties mutual consent.

In this context, Turkey, Albania during the transition period of Fier Hospital medical staff and will provide consulting services through the Ministry of Health.



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