Traffic Regulation on Bursa Mudanya Road

traffic regulation on the road to bursa mudanya
traffic regulation on the road to bursa mudanya

Bursa Emek-Şehir Hospital Light Rail System Line Construction Within the scope of the 1st Stage traffic transfer works, in line with the decision of UKOME Board; The pedestrian overpass on the Bursa Mudanya Highway between Gürel Street and 10th Street will be dismantled on 11 - 2021 April 329.

Pedestrian crossings will be provided from the signalized pedestrian crossing that will be created during the construction period. Again, within the scope of the same studies, Sanayi Caddesi 4 (D0732) bus stop on Mudanya Road will be moved to the temporary stop to be created before 329th Street on the service road.

During the overpass dismantling works, the traffic will be gradually taken to the service road, drivers must comply with the speed limits in the city and navigate in a controlled manner, be careful and sensitive on the routes where the work is done, obey the traffic signs and markers, and choose alternative routes indicated with information signs.

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