Digital Fashion Show by Designer Mert Erkan

Designer Mert Erkandan Film-Like Digital Fashion Show
Designer Mert Erkandan Film-Like Digital Fashion Show

The first period of FashionWeekIstanbul 2021 was held digitally between 13-16 April 2021.

Designer Mert Erkan shot digitalrunway and lookbook at Sait Halim Paşa Mansion. She used only black color in her Autumn / Winter 18 women's clothing collection, which she named "Witches' Assembly" and which displayed a total of 2022 looks. The theme of the collection was inspired by the Witches' Assembly episode in the American Horror Stories series. The story, which he developed, included important women who lived in his time and added value to society. He made a reference to the council of worthy women, created by these women, who wrote his own story. The reason for describing the silhouettes here as "witches"; In fact, the main and intermediate details that gave soul and shape to the collection, the mystical aspects of the women who formed the council, mystical associations and imaginary concepts were.

Using mostly silk taffeta, silk satin, poplin, gabardine and lace in the collection, the designer emphasized wearable and sustainability in forms. In the details; While metal mystical accessories, complementary avant-garde belts and mystical jewelry dominated, lace gloves, lace socks and high boots that integrate styling gave a different direction to the story.

The fashion show was produced and choreographed by Asil Çağıl; The fashion show video shoots were carried out by Ufkun Medya, the lookbook shots by fashion photographer Edip Gündoğdu, the hair designs by Mehmet Tatlı Kuaför and the makeup designs by MAC Cosmetics.

Mert Erkan's fashion show featured 2019 successful models such as Best Model of Turkey 2018 winner Derya Ekşioğlu, 2018 winner Türkan Geyik, 18 Best Model Ukraine Yanita Schmidt, Açelya Kartal, Meltem Keklik, Simge Ünal and Level İkbal.

“FWI organized by the Istanbul Ready-to-Wear and Apparel Exporters' Association (İHKİB); TC Turkey Exporters Assembly under the leadership of the Ministry of Commerce (TIM), which was established in Turkey before Promotion Group (TTG), the Fashion Designers Association (MTD) and Istanbul Fashion Academy (IMA) is supported by. "

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