Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to Recruit 4 Contracted Industrial Engineers

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry will be recruited without an interview
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry will be recruited without an interview

📩 12/04/2021 11:52

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, within the framework of Article 657 / B of the Civil Servants Law No.4 and the Principles Regarding the Employment of Contracted Personnel put into effect by the Cabinet Decree dated 06.06.1978 and numbered 7/15754, to be employed within the General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies of our Ministry. and / or without an oral exam, based on the KPSS (B) group, KPSSP2020 score ranking in 3, a total of 4 (four) Engineers (Industry) will be accepted.

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Application conditions

1) Not being deprived of public rights,

2) Not having military service for male candidates,

3) To graduate from the Industrial Engineering, Industrial Systems Engineering or Industrial and System Engineering undergraduate programs of universities or from higher education institutions abroad whose equivalence is accepted by YÖK,

4) Having graduated from the department where he / she studied as of the deadline,

5) To have at least 2020 (seventy) points from the P3 point type from the Public Personnel Selection Exam conducted by the Student Selection and Placement Center in 70,

6) In the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam (YDS, e-YDS) held by ÖSYM, at least 5 (eighty) points from the English language within the last 80 (five) years as of the application deadline or the validity period has not expired, 25.02.2016 Having an internationally recognized document (CPE, CAE, TOEFL iBT, PTE Academic) in the Equivalence of the ÖSYM Foreign Language Exam published in XNUMX,

7) Even if the periods specified in Article 53 of the Turkish Penal Code have passed; crimes against the security of the state, crimes against the constitutional order and its functioning, embezzlement, extortion, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, abuse of trust, fraudulent not to be convicted of the crimes of bankruptcy, rigging the tender, rigging the performance of the act, laundering of the assets arising from the crime or smuggling,

8) Without prejudice to the provisions of Article 657 of Law No. 53, not having mental illness that may prevent him from performing his duty continuously, not having a health problem that could prevent him from working at night or having seizures, and not having mental illness that may prevent him from performing his duty continuously.


Documents specified in the announcement between 12.04.2021 and 25.04.2021, will be uploaded to the e-government application screen completely. Since the applications will be received electronically, applications by mail or in person will not be accepted.

Admissions will be done with the password e-government candidates (the the account is obligatory. In order to use the account in question, candidates must obtain an e-Government password. Candidates can obtain the envelope containing the e-Government password from the PTT Central Directorates by submitting their ID number with their TR ID number on the application in person.

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