SAMM Signed a Sales Contract with CERN for Technology Solutions

Samm signed a sales contract with cern for technology solutions.
Samm signed a sales contract with cern for technology solutions.

In the process that started with the 2016 million Euro contract of Ankara-based Dora Makina in 600, 35 Turkish companies have been tendered at CERN (European Nuclear Research Center) so far. kazanwas. SAMM Teknoloji, according to the latest development announced, the big tender kazanbecame one of the 3 companies at the moment.

In 2019, the approval and tender processes initiated between TOBB CERN Industry Liaison Office and SAMM Technology were successfully completed, and a contract was signed with CERN for the supply of fiber optic cables and accessories.

Within the scope of the contract, SAMM established in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone (GOSB); will present its products in R&D and production facilities as "Made in Turkey" in accordance with CERN technical requirements.

In the experiments carried out at the Large Hadron Collider, which started on September 10, 2008, 40 million high-resolution photos are taken per second. Fiber optic cables and accessories produced by SAMM will also be used for data transfer in this experiment.

Products to be supplied to CERN within the scope of the contract and CERN specifications;

  • Fiber optic interconnection cables with MTP / MPO, SC, LC, E2000 connectors on specially designed cable structures
  • Fiber optic cables resistant to nuclear effects and with different CPR classes
  • Specially designed panel, parts and accessories products

About SAMM Teknoloji

60 engineers over 250 employees, 2 in Gebze factory and R & D center, which was established 18 years ago and located between SAMM Turkey's top 100 fastest growing technology companies; It operates in many different sectors such as Fiber Optic Accessory Production, IT and Electrical Contracting.

With its R&D supported production capabilities, SAMM Teknoloji produces solutions that provide added value especially for Telecom, IT and heating projects.

Çamlıca Tower is protected by SAMM Technology

The installation of the FOTAS fiber detection system developed in cooperation with SAMM Technology and TÜBİTAK BİLGEM in the Istanbul Çamlıca TV and Radio Tower environmental security project was carried out in November 2020.


Installation of Fiber Optic Based Perimeter Detection System and the testing and commissioning of Integration with CCTV were completed and delivered. The project was realized with the DF-30 Dual Port version of FOTAS, which provides fence border security up to 30 km. The system can detect violations such as climbing on the fence. In case the fiber is cut, the system continues to work without interruption. Integrated with CCTV cameras, the system can quickly connect to the camera in the relevant area in case of violation. Çamlıca Tower is protected with FOTAS DF-30 double port, the most proven and early warning security system that detects third-party intervention and illegal crossing attempts along the fenced line.

Fiber Optic Based Distributed Acoustic Sensor

Line breach tracking system; It is a perimeter security system developed for intrusion detection via fiber optic cable.

The laser beams sent by the laser source provide information flow through the software by traveling the entire system. Vehicles passing over the line, excavations etc. Actions that create vibration, such as, can be watched live on the system with 10 meters of precision by generating a signal. Sensitivity can be calibrated and the necessary places can be isolated and deactivated while the system is running. All alarms received are reported over the web interface and stored as exportable data.

It is the most proven and early warning security system that detects third-party intervention, illegal crossing attempts and unauthorized excavations along a line spanning several kilometers to thousands of kilometers.

FOTAS Application Areas

  • Oil, Natural Gas and Water Pipelines
  • Industrial, Residential and Commercial Sites Security
  • Security of Military, Public and Private Facilities
  • Security of Airports, Railways and Highways
  • Security of Power Plants
  • Border Security
  • Security of Mining Operations

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