HAVELSAN Sniper Simulator Comes into Service

havelsan sniper simulator
havelsan sniper simulator

Sniper Simulator developed by HAVELSAN to be used first in Isparta Mountain Commando School

The simulator allows personnel who have just started sniper training to practice aiming, distance determination, binocular adjustment and shooting techniques in the training environment with real equipment, without using real ammunition.

HAVELSAN developed the Sniper Simulator in a short time to meet the needs that arise with residential operations. The simulator has been further activated with the feedback received from the security forces in the elapsed time. The simulator will first be used in Isparta Mountain Commando School.

Different scenarios with real weapons and equipment

HAVELSAN, working on a product that can be used in education by applying a real ballistic model, improved the scenarios in the simulation and integrated the scenarios desired by the user into the system.

Thanks to the simulator, sniper basic training will be carried out much more easily and cost-effectively. Shooting training can currently be done at distances of 500-600 meters. For sniper training, it is necessary to create a safety ring at much longer distances and in a wide area (2-5 square kilometers). Sniper Simulator eliminates this need and enables safe training with real weapons and equipment in the desired environmental factors and scenarios.

The person using the simulator can effectively receive basic training in a closed area at different times of the day, different altitudes, and different weather conditions.

Barely available from a limited number of manufacturers

There are not many sniper training simulators in the world. HAVELSAN's solution differs from known products due to the use of real equipment and real ballistic models. Thanks to the use of real equipment, the precision of the training and the realism of the experience are increasing.

Such systems are very difficult to obtain from a limited number of manufacturers. The products supplied are far from meeting the needs.

The simulator has technical features such as realistic 3D images and special binoculars option. The simulator, which has the capability of generating and recording scenarios and generating computer-controlled power, offers the opportunity to practice training at all desired distances.

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