Why Do Children Ask Many Questions?

Why Do Children Ask Many Questions?
Why Do Children Ask Many Questions?

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi gave important information about the subject. Once children start talking, they start asking questions constantly. They tirelessly ask the same question over and over until they get the answers.

But why does it ask so many questions?

Children ask a lot of questions for two reasons, either because they are curious or because they are anxious. The purpose of children who ask questions out of curiosity is to acquire new information, but the purpose of anxious children is to comfort themselves.

1- Curious children: These are the questions of children aiming to discover and learn such as "How do earthquakes occur? Where did the most severe earthquake occur? Will there be earthquakes in the seas?"

2- Anxious children: "What if there is an earthquake? What if we are buried under the earthquake? What if they cannot find us in that dent? What if we never get rid of it? ... are the questions of anxious children who draw a picture of disaster and who are trapped in the air.

Therefore, if you have an anxious child, do not attempt to comfort your child by giving detailed answers to every question your child asks. Because the message of your effort will be: "My mother / father is trying to persuade me". Remember, if there is persuasion, there is resistance!

Every effort to comfort your child creates new questions in your child's mind, and your child can overwhelm you with endless questions.

My suggestion to you; In the face of a worried child, try to control your anxiety first. Be relaxed when answering your child's questions, answer your child's first one / two questions without going into details, and definitely avoid explanations because remember that your child has a certain cognitive capacity.

Protect your child from developing an anxious personality by reacting as usual, even in the face of an extraordinary event.

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