Arkas Egypt Receives Star Award from Maersk Line Company

arkas egypt receives star award from maersk line
arkas egypt receives star award from maersk line

Arkas Egypt, which manages Maersk's large-scale crew changes in Egypt safely and quickly, received the “Star” award from Maersk Line.

Arkas Egypt, working in coordination with all authorities under the difficult pandemic conditions of 2020, will undertake one of the largest transshipment operations within the scope of "Maersk Line's Large-scale Crew Exchange Project" for the evacuation of 510 seafarers in different ports of Egypt, who need to be returned to their countries immediately due to the extension of their contracts. He managed in a short time like 15 days. Professional work by Arkas Egypt in this large-scale crew change project has been recognized and rewarded by the Maersk Line Mediterranean Operations Center (LOC). kazanwas. Award to Arkas Egypt CEO Mohamed Mousellhy; Sealand Egypt General Manager Omar Gharbo and Maersk Egypt Port Said Office Manager and Agency Manager Mohamed Khattab represented Maersk Line Mediterranean Operations Center (LOC). Representatives of Maersk Line expressed their appreciation to the Arkas Egypt team, which received the "Star Award" for its tremendous effort and expertise in preparing a safe way for crew changes within the scheduled time despite extremely difficult conditions.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Maersk Egypt CEO Toon Pierre said, “On behalf of Maersk Line, we express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for the professional implementation of Maersk crew exchanges in Egypt. Your help has literally touched the lives of thousands of people. I wish success to you and your esteemed company ”.

Crew changes, which were stopped due to the Covid-19 pandemic, put seafarers on merchant ships at risk of depression.

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