Dry Eye Causes? What are the Symptoms?

What are the symptoms of dry eyes?
What are the symptoms of dry eyes?

📩 27/04/2021 13:50

Eye Diseases Specialist Op. Dr. Hakan Yüzer gave information on the subject. Tears are a very important body release that provides eye cleansing and helps protect the eye from harmful microorganisms in the environment. Dry eye, which occurs with symptoms such as stinging, burning, excessive eye redness, is the secretion of little or no tears. These symptoms caused by tear insufficiency, if untreated, affect the tear membrane negatively and may progress to cause problems in vision.

Also known as 'dry eye' among the people, the ailment occurs when the layer that keeps the eye wet cannot fulfill its function adequately. Our eyes are our important organs that have a very sensitive and flawless function. Our blink reflexes ensure that tears are distributed evenly everywhere, thus protecting the eyes. Dry eyes arise when all this mechanism counteracts with an effect that will disrupt itself.

Dry eye occurs when this layer, which protects our eyes against infections, dust and harmful substances from the environment, cannot produce sufficient tears. Other causes of dry eyes are;

Dry eyes can be caused by environmental factors as well as after some rheumatic disorders, spending a lot of time on the computer screen will tire the eyes and damage the layer on the eye, causing dry eye, eye dryness can be seen after the use of hormonal drugs, irregular and long without the control of the physician. Antidepressant drugs used for a period of time have side effects of dry eye, dry eyes can be observed in women in the post-menopausal period, staying constantly in high-temperature, very bright environments that do not contain enough moisture causes eye dryness, use of contact lenses without the supervision of a physician, excessive smoking and alcohol use, A Vitamin deficiency, clogged tear ducts and inflammatory diseases in the eyes cause dry eyes.


Dry eye complaints that can be diagnosed early in terms of the level of disturbance to the person;

  1. Feeling as if there is a foreign body in the eyes
  2. A constant stinging sensation in the eyes
  3. Burning sensation in the eyes
  4. The deterioration of vision can be listed as.


Dry eye is a condition that can be treated if it is detected that the tears are insufficiently secreted with the examinations performed as a result of the person applying to us after his complaints.

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