2,5 Million Liras of Smuggled Goods Seized at Sabiha Gökçen Airport

Millions of lira worth of goods were seized at Sabiha Gokcen Airport
Millions of lira worth of goods were seized at Sabiha Gokcen Airport

In 12 separate operations held at Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, commercial goods with a market value of 2 million 541 thousand liras were seized.

The Istanbul Customs Enforcement, Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate teams of the Ministry of Commerce followed the passengers deemed risky with their analysis and targeting activities and their accompanying luggage.

A total of 12 operations carried out in four under the control of incoming passenger baggage x-ray equipment from Ukraine to Turkey have come across suspicious densities. 4 marten fur were seized in a search in the suitcases.

In another operation, three hours with a market value of 1 million 500 thousand liras were caught in the backpack of a suspect passenger, while another passenger had 15 hours, 36 glasses and 40 perfumes in his luggage.

In three operations held at different times, 14 capsules of food supplements, 110 stuffed cigarettes, 11 macarons, 400 cosmetics and some hookah tobacco were found. In the operations, 7 video cards, 400 mobile phones and chargers and 872 handbags were also seized by the teams.

All of the seized products worth TL 2 million 541 thousand were seized. Judicial action has been initiated against those who want to bring these products to the country by avoiding customs control.

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