Statement on Lost Horses from IMM

Description of the horses lost from the ibb
Description of the horses lost from the ibb

The information that 50 of the horses that IMM donated to Dörtyol Municipality with a protocol have disappeared has attracted the rightful attention of the public. In this context, the interest of IMM in the incident is also brought to the agenda. However, after the veterinary report and the shipment made to Dörtyol Municipality, the responsibility and ownership right of IMM over the horses ended. IMM has to state that the entire responsibility for the horses received with the signature of Mayor Fadıl Keskin lies with the district organization of Dörtyol Municipality and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry serving in the region.

As it is known, with the removal of the phaetonism, which turned into an ordeal for everyone in the Islands, and the introduction of electric vehicles, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) bought a total of 117 horses in the region. Later, the horses that had been worked under bad conditions for years were appropriated so that their future lives would not turn into a torment. In this regard, official institutions, especially municipalities, were preferred for horses to receive healthy care. Afterwards, IMM ensured the safe transportation of the horses to the institutions with which a protocol was signed, and delivered them in a healthy way against the signature of the authorities of the receiving party. Thus, it was prevented that both the horses and the carriage drivers whose financial damages were covered were not suffered.

IMM HORSES DELIVERED IN A HEALTHY WAY                                                                               

However, it turned out that 50 of the horses donated by IMM to Hatay, Dörtyol Municipality were lost. The statement of IMM to the public regarding the lost horses is as follows:

“Hatay, Dörtyol Municipality stated that they want to adopt 12 horses with their letter dated 2020 August 150. Due to the high demands for horse ownership from IMM, 100 horses were transferred within the framework of the protocol signed with Dörtyol Municipality in Hatay in the same month.

Before they were shipped, 100 horses were scanned and microchipped by the provincial organization of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and 100 horses were sent to the business determined by the Dörtyol municipality with the Veterinary Health Report.

The shipment was completed in groups of 50 in two trips. Dörtyol Mayor Fadıl Keskin signed the movable transaction slip in one shipment and Dörtyol Municipality Officer Ferhat Erkin signed the transaction receipt for the other shipment and received the animals shipped. From this point on, the ownership and responsibility of 100 horses passed to Dörtyol Municipality; The works and transactions for the breeding, decreasing or changing hands of horses are the transactions to be carried out between the relevant municipality and the district organization of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry working in the region. "

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