Beijing Limits the Number of Shared Bikes to 800 Thousands

Beijing limits the number of shared bikes to thousands
Beijing limits the number of shared bikes to thousands

Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission announced that it has decided that the number of shared bicycles that will be on the traffic in six urban areas will be at most 800 thousand.

Shared bicycle service in the city is provided by Meituan Bike, Hello Global and Qingju, the bicycle branch of Didi Chuxing, the giant of chauffeur-driven vehicle service. Each of them promised to limit the number of bicycles they will put into service in the central areas of the capital to 400, 210 and 190 respectively.

The Commission stated that it took the decision with the aim of creating a fair, open and competitive environment for the shared cycling industry. Shared cycling services are also promoted in the suburban areas of the city; The number of bicycles to be used in these places will have to be determined by the authorities of the relevant settlement unit.

It was recorded that there were 2020 thousand shared bicycles in circulation in Beijing in 844. These were used for 690 trips, with the average number of daily trips being 1,89 million, an increase of 2019 percent compared to 13,4.

Source: China International Radio

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