Altınordu Traffic Will Relax With This Crossroad

Altinordu traffic will be relieved with this intersection
Altinordu traffic will be relieved with this intersection

With the relocation of the old bus station in Altınordu district, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality has started a new intersection work in the area where the underpass is located. With the application, the lights in the area where the old bus station is located will be canceled. By providing a controlled passage opportunity for vehicles that want to enter the highway from the direction of the Yeni Mahalle and from the schools turn, the accumulation in the region will be prevented.

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues to build new intersections to reduce traffic density in Altınordu district. The Metropolitan Municipality, which previously worked on 6 different points to arrange intersections and prevented traffic congestion, started a study to solve the traffic problem in the region with the transfer of the old bus station.

Army Ring Road for vehicles using the Samsun on the steep coastal road Corum and Samsun Merzifon Ankara with Turkey's new routes to the route network connected to the main transport junctions Adding more regulations.

Metropolitan Municipality teams, which started a new intersection arrangement at the point where the underpass is located, between the school turn and Yeni Mahalle entrance, continue to work to minimize the traffic load in the region.

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Coşkun Alp examined the ongoing works on site and received information from the Head of the Science Department, Abdulkadir Hatipoğlu, and the Head of the Transportation Department, Özgür Dayı.


Making a statement here, Secretary General Alp said, “As it is known in our district of Altınordu, we have relieved the traffic load considerably by building 6 modern intersections. After these 6 intersections provided great functional benefits, we started a work to open an intersection that will give an exit to the highway from Yenimahalle, which is the last missing one. Vehicles that wanted to go from Yenimahalle to Altınordu-Giresun direction could not find any point to get on the highway. "There was a blocking in the traffic flow," he said.


Metropolitan Mayor of the newly opened intersection, Dr. Stressing that he was followed by Mehmet Hilmi Güler personally, Secretary General Alp said, “Now we are introducing a new intersection from the Schools turn and for vehicles going to Giresun and Ordu direction on the Yenimahalle side. Our president, Dr. When Mehmet Hilmi Güler said that we had to build this intersection, we said that we would start working after the bus station was moved. In this way, we will eliminate this deficiency seen by our president, ”he said.


Stating that they will prevent traffic congestion with the new intersection, Secretary General Alp continued his words as follows; “With the transfer of the bus station, we will cancel the junction where the buses turn and offer a more modern intersection at this point. It will be distributed from four points to the right and left. The lights in front of the old bus station will be canceled, and clutter will be prevented. We will complete it as soon as possible and put it at the service of our district. Good luck to our district of Altınordu already. "

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