Pezük: A Disciplined System With Railway Priority

TCDD Tasimacilik general manager pezuk continues to examine
TCDD Tasimacilik general manager pezuk continues to examine

Hasan Pezük, General Manager of TCDD Transportation, continued his study tours with the establishment's Istanbul Region offices. Pezük's first stop was Kapıkule Logistics Directorate during the study tour. He held a meeting with the staff of Pezük Logistics Directorate, who examined the operations of export and import trains at Kapıkule, which is our border gate to Europe.

"Railway priority is safety, a system with international rules and discipline"

Pezük said at the meeting: “Our job is to provide transportation services 7/24, 365 days a year. This is not easy at all. Railway is a system with international rules and discipline. Our priority has to be safety and coordination. We are a big family, a big team. Therefore, the work of each railroad brother serving on the 1213-kilometer railway network, including 12 kilometers of high-speed railway lines, is very important. We do not sit at our table and come to visit our colleagues at workplaces in all corners of our country, and we strive for how we can provide better and better service. " said.

Later, Edirne Logistics Chief, Catalca Logistics Directorate, Halkalı Vehicle Maintenance and Halkalı Pezük, who made examinations at Marmaray Vehicle Maintenance Directorates, emphasized that the Istanbul Region bears a very important responsibility in domestic and international freight transportation as well as passenger transportation with high-speed train, conventional train, and Marmaray, thanking all the railroaders in the region.

"With the Marmaray Bosphorus Tube Crossing, the loads reach easily and in a short time without transferring."

On the second day of the inspection trip ÇerkezköyPezük, who visited his workplaces in Tekirdağ, said, “During the pandemic period, the demand for railway transportation is increasing in order to ensure the continuity of trade. Freight that can be transported by hundreds of trucks with truck box transportation from Tekirdağ is transported by trains. Again, the Marmaray Bosphorus Tube Crossing with great ease while providing our exporters with an uninterrupted rail transport, transit via Turkey loads from China in such a short time in Europe is 18 days. The loads that were previously transported from the production centers of Anatolia to Derince by train, from Derince by ferry and then to the industrial facilities in Çorlu, now pass through Marmaray and reach their destination without transferring and changing vehicles. In this way, the logistics costs of industrialists, manufacturers and exporters decrease and their competitiveness increases. said.

On the last day of the Pezük tour, he went to the Anatolian side and visited workplaces in Gebze, Derince, Köseköy and Arifiye. Pezük, who examined the activities carried out in the workplaces, sent his love and greetings to the regional staff in the presence of Istanbul Regional Manager Veysi Alçınsu and Deputy Regional Director Habil Emir and stated that he would continue his workplace visits.

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