Quality life is possible in kidney disease

Quality Life is Possible in Kidney Disease

While many wrong behaviors we do in our daily life, from unhealthy nutrition to inactivity, from excessive salt consumption to insufficient water consumption, disrupt the health of our kidneys; In recent years, the number of kidney patients has been increasing rapidly both in the world and in our country. [more…]

these misconceptions about diabetes can delay your treatment

Myths About Diabetes

Diabetes, the epidemic of our age, threatens children as well as adults to a great extent. A healthy diet, an active life and maintaining an ideal weight both prevent diabetes and control the disease. [more…]

Normalization intensity in Izmir traffic
35 Izmir

Normalization Intensity in İzmir Traffic

With the start of the controlled normalization period, the end of the flexible working practice in the public sector, and the transition to face-to-face education in some classes in schools, a noticeable density started in İzmir traffic. Number of motor vehicles using main arteries [more…]

will help keep covid vaccines safe

Will Help Keep Covid-19 Vaccines Safely

According to the data of the World Health Organization, 50 percent of the vaccines produced in the world are wasted every year due to improper storage caused by not providing the right temperature conditions. Pfizer and Moderna's new COVID-19 vaccines are too cold [more…]