Bulgarian transporters tcddye debt tactic
22 Edirne

Bulgarian Transporters Loan to TCDD

Bulgarian transporters who are tenants of TCDD buildings at Kapıkule Border Gate did not pay their rental fees. It turned out that there was no sanction provision in the contract regarding this issue. Türkiye at Kapıkule Border Gate [more…]

Ankara metro book station opened
06 Ankara

EGO Metro Book Station Opened in Ankara

EGO General Directorate introduced the mini library model "EGO Metro Book Station" to the people of the Capital City in order to increase the habit of reading books. Citizens watched a train model made from a train model inside the Red Crescent Metro Station. [more…]

İzmir was at itb berlin fair
35 Izmir

Izmir was at ITB Berlin Fair

Izmir participated in ITB Berlin Fair, one of the world's leading tourism events. Different institutions of Izmir, under the umbrella of Visit Izmir, participated in the fair, which was held digitally this year due to pandemic measures. [more…]