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What is a Boutique Hotel?

Boutique hotels, which have been experiencing a great shine recently, are in more demand than ever before. However, in general, many people are unclear about the qualities that boutique hotels should have. [more…]

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Places to visit in Cappadocia with Cappadocia Tour

The name Cappadocia is thought to come from the ancient Persian word 'katpatu-ka', but there are different opinions. The power of horses bred in the region is written in an inscription belonging to Wasusarma, the ruler of the Talba Kingdom, which ruled in the region before the Persians. [more…]

First message from the central bank president fight
06 Ankara

First Message from Central Bank Governor Kavcıoğlu

Şahap Kavcıoğlu, President of the Central Bank, started his duty. Kavcıoğlu, in his written statement, stated that the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey is using monetary policy tools in line with its main objective of ensuring a permanent decrease in inflation within the framework of the duties and authorities determined by law [more…]

google award came to recycling project

Google Award Come To Recycling Project 'We'

Developing a project where people can earn points that they can use in many areas such as transportation balance in return for giving recyclable materials such as plastic to vending machines, Çağrı Serpin and his friends won the first place in the competition organized by Google. [more…]

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Hijab Clothing Blouse Models

One of the fashion products that you can choose in every season is the blouse model. You can easily access these fashion products that arouse great interest in the hijab clothing field. Both stylish and affordable, this special [more…]