The New Generation Seeks Independent Business Models

The new generation wants business models to work independently
The new generation wants business models to work independently

With the new technology making independent ventures much easier, the number of seekers in the world who want to do their own business is increasing. Flexible working life, flexibility and mobile person directs different business models.

The concepts of the business world are changing in a process of accelerating possible business changes through a pandemic. “Brand Ambassadors” are added to these concepts, which we hear frequently, such as gig economy and freelancers. The business with the development of new working models 'boss' as professionally engaged in bringing together Turkey, consumer support services open first service of the new operating platform in the Champs Founder Director Mahir Tüzün, Technology sub done at the customer services sector, said he saw the art of being the boss of your own business. Tüzün emphasized that the concept of customer representation of professionals who work remotely like bosses with the Gig business model accelerated if the transformation into the title of competent brand ambassador was coming.

The new generation wants to be the boss of their own business

Stating that the development of individual entrepreneurship movements increased depending on the dynamics in the world, Champs Founding Manager Mahir Tuzun; “Technology continues to revolutionize the way we do business. Now we all want a more flexible working age, where work / life balance is ensured and working conditions can be chosen by the project to be worked on. In addition, businesses now aim to make certain services, both intellectually and technologically, outsourced to the experts of the business "remotely". The dominance of generations Y and Z, especially in the business world, hisses seriously. Generational characteristics such as independent work, self-determination, and not being bound by physical boundaries increase the population of people who want to be the boss of their own business, ”he said.

According to the 2016/17 report of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), Mahir Tuzun stated that 81 percent of the participants consider entrepreneurship as a good career choice; Looking at the current Small and Medium Business Development and Support Administration (KOSGEB), students and young people are quite simple and act to become the boss of their own business, he says.

Pandemic process accelerated the transformation of business ways to digital by 10 years

Tüzün, who emphasized the idea of ​​being the boss of his own business, emphasized that the threat of the Gig (independent work) model became more widespread with the pandemic; Nowadays, where technology is the rising value of technology, we are now able to do the work we do in an institution or company, as the boss of your own business, when you determine the conditions. The de pandemic process has accelerated the transformation of business ways to digital for at least 10 years. One of the transformations accelerated by pandemic conditions was in the way and working conditions of customer representatives, who are the lifeblood of communication centers. "Gig, we can say that this created a serious wind," he said.

Tüzün Sözleri continued as follows; “Champions, who come to life with the experience of being the boss of their own business, ensure that all employees can take part in projects according to their competencies and preferences, freely determine their working hours and conditions, and most importantly, get the full value of what they produce. This opportunity, as Champs, we create a collective understanding of work with the motivation to be the boss of his own business ”.

Gig business model creates independent brand ambassadors

Gigi is a trend of rising models in the world and Turkey, said the business model of the future undisputed Champs Founder Director Mahir Tüzün; “The Gig business model first created a space for freelancers and later professionals into the business. With Gig, contact center expertise has turned into a true profession as a “Brand Ambassador”. Thanks to this new business model, a customer representative of her is now conducting her job as a "Brand Ambassador" competence. Brand ambassadors, who do their job like a boss, get an investment agreement thanks to the Gig business model. In addition, Turkey and no matter where in the world, the Champs can work and earn money. We are sending this message and we are creating an important resource for women. Our target is to reach 2021 thousand members in 10 with our brand ambassadors, including women and students ”.

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