What Are The Complaints Of Patients Who Need Home Care?

What are the complaints of patients who need home care
What are the complaints of patients who need home care

Patients cared for at home and their families have different needs. The most important of these needs are to be able to access accurate information about patient care and to benefit from the social opportunities provided by the state. In order to reach the correct information about patient care, first of all, it is necessary to reach the correct sources of information.

In order to benefit from the social opportunities provided by the state, the changing legislation of health institutions should be followed closely. Finding the right sources with the right information has become a bit of a "job of luck" nowadays. Being able to follow the ever-changing legislation and adapt to innovations creates a problem for both service providers and service users. The improvements attempted to be made in the health system are good and promising, but insufficient. So why is it insufficient? In fact, the answer can be given without much difficulty. Perhaps the needs and complaints are not communicated to the relevant institutions and organizations collectively. Considering the current conditions, we ask you to share your problems and thoughts with us. By adding your messages to this page, we can collect all complaints at one point and thus attract the attention of the authorities. You can also view previous messages on this page.

People continue to share their wishes and problems with each other on many different platforms. Some problems can be solved either by the family's own methods or by means of state institutions. Thus, it is possible to meet some of the needs, but it is very difficult to find a solution if it is not known where to apply due to lack of information. It is useful to get ideas and learn from people who have similar problems. Thus, we both feel that we are not alone and we can reach a solution faster.

While dealing with the health problems of our patients, we also try to make our voices heard through many social media platforms on the internet such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and Change.org. We also apply to the relevant government institutions individually with petitions (most of the time we do not even do this, unfortunately). When these efforts are fragmented, we cannot produce the effect we want. We cannot fully convey our needs to their counterparts and we cannot find a solution.

As we all know, "He knows the state of what falls from the roof and falls from the roof." There is a proverb called. In short, families who are in the same situation can really understand the problems of families caring for their patients at home. Perhaps the issues we complain about are not perceived as a problem by those who can resolve them. The problem we are experiencing may also have a solution that we do not know.

If we can share and discuss our requests, needs, complaints and problems in a single point and list them clearly, we can reach the necessary information more easily. It will also be a place we can refer to for our applications. In this way, the meaning and effect of the awareness we will create increases.

Messages You Share With Us
22.03.2017 - CEVDET MELANKO - I take care of my father. He needs to be fed well. However, I do not have the financial situation for this. We receive pharmaceutical aids. At least we don't have the money we pay for drugs. But they say a good nutrition program should be implemented for the patient. They don't explain how this will happen. The state should also provide this kind of support. At least, we want nutritional support for patients for whom nutrition is very important. It's like a drug supplement. Very important. Sometimes nutrition becomes more important than medication. In such a case, drug support should be used as nutritional support. We expect more flexible solutions. It needs to be fed well, but if we can't afford it, how?

29.03.2017 - RAZİYE DAMLA ONAN - Our patient is bedridden for years and cannot move anywhere. They have reports valid for two years. When the report expires, we cannot buy medicines and medical products because the report needs to be renewed. The doctor wants to see our patient, who has not been able to move for years, in each report renewal process. We call a private ambulance, take the patient to the hospital with a lot of problems, then bring him back home. This problem needs to be resolved. Money no longer lasts. I was desperate.

01.05.2017 - DENİZ YAZICI - I look after my sick father at home. Medical support provided by municipalities and other health institutions is good. There is a lot of help with support such as physicians and nurses. Most drugs are easy to find, but some are still not available. There are some things that are important when caring for the patient at home, from good nutrition of the patient to the home environment according to patient needs. All kinds of medical support is available at home. But isn't the home environment also important for the sick? Slips, falls and accidents can still occur. It can be indifferent to the patient. For this reason, it is imperative that one of the rooms in the house is built to meet all the needs of the patient. We expect a study in this direction. There are many patients who need this, and those who have to take care of patients at home. I want to take care of my father in more ergonomic conditions. He needs a proper toilet, bed, and a room in which he feels peaceful. Financial support is needed for this. It is not possible to design such a room for someone with a minimum salary. I'm waiting for help. Still, I thank the state. I want healthcare to be better.

13.05.2017 - ŞAKİR VEFALI - Most of those living at home are working. There is always a need for someone to stay with my sick mother. For this, we want support such as nurses or caregivers. When I leave the house to work, I ask the neighbors to look at them hourly. But how far. Sometimes this doesn't happen either. Every once in a while we beg relatives. But everyone has a job after all. Caregivers should support us at least when we are not at home. For this, you need material. This is not something that everyone has. We want support from the state for this. It is said that there is a lot of support, but we do not know how to take advantage of them. I watch the news a lot, but I haven't heard of it yet. I don't think there is caregiver support. There are only doctors and nurses who come and go home. These are something different. The caregiver needs to take care of the patient during working hours when we are not home.

03.06.2017 - ERCAN AKSUN - Institutional payments for medical products have been the same for years. Product prices are too high. SUT needs to be changed now.

17.06.2017 - KAZIM BOZ - Psychological support is also needed. In addition to physician and nurse support, psychological support is also needed. I think this is one of the most important supports for patients at home. Because he can see himself as redundant and thinks they are necessarily concerned with the care of those around him. It is very natural for such thoughts to occur, especially due to the attitude of young people towards the elderly. The elderly are highly sensitive, and those with chronic ailments have a much more sensitive nature. Psychological support is needed for these. Physician and nurse support is not enough. This is in the regulations on home patient care, but since there is not enough staff in every hospital, only doctors and nurses are available for patient visits at home. Psychologists need to attend such visits and the visit intervals should be frequent. Everyone knows how important morale is for sick people. There is a great need for psychology experts to establish communication that will improve the morale of the patients. When their morale is good, the morale of those who take care of the sick at home can be good. Positive energy can make them more comfortable.

01.07.2017 - SEDEF ÖZAY - We run out of money and patience. I can not stand.

14.07.2017 - MAZLUM GENEL - Patient bed is one of the most important devices for patients cared for at home, but SGK does not pay for this product. Depending on the needs of the patient, a bed with 2, 3 or 4 motors should be given free of charge.

25.08.2017 - SELAMİ ALTIN ​​- We cannot take the patient around, he needs air but we do not have time. If you are nursing at home and need to work at the same time, things are very difficult for you. If you have work life, household chores and a patient you need to take care of, life becomes very difficult. My sick father needs to be taken around. However, there is no one at home who can do this. Everyone is working. We cannot keep a caregiver either. My father's feet are not good either. Situations such as being taken out or taken out of the building need to be done carefully. A program should be implemented for the patients to walk around and socialize. This can give them a pretty good morale.

28.08.2017 - LEYLA İPEK - I have to work and at the same time I take care of my sick mother. Women are the most difficult to care for at home. Because in this regard, men avoid taking too much responsibility. Everything is left to women. Will you do the housework or will you take care of your sick mother? When he tries to do it all at once, the body is left without resistance. I also have to work. If I quit the job, rent, maintenance costs, electricity, water, and the layout of the house will be completely messed up. Now a hand must be made. A fee should be paid to those who care for patients at home. It is said that there are such benefits, but how much will the money be given for the living of the house? In order for a woman to take care of her patient without working at home, she should get a good wage and insurance. Otherwise, it is not possible to deal with economic problems and to take care of the patient at the same time. Women who take care of the sick should be given more money than the grandmother will be given to look after her grandchild.

14.09.2017 - MEHMET KAMİL - Supports are needed to prepare an ergonomic environment for the patient. Nobody wants to leave their parents in the corners of the hospital. He takes care of himself at home. This is in our family structure. However, the home environment is not good for the patient's health. Not everyone is rich so that they hire a private nurse, make a perfect room. We ask for government support to make a room of sick homes suitable for the patient. Let the state come, there are patients at home and they need care. After that, an ergonomic bed for a room where the patient is staying or whatever is needed in a patient's room. Thus, both families and patients are comfortable. The home environment has become safer for the patient. Some houses don't even have rooms. Patients lie on the sofa in the living room. Toilets may not be suitable either. Making a toilet for the patient should be among the supports provided.

09.11.2017 - MUSTAFA TURAN ERGE - We have to pay a lot of difference when purchasing a product. Some products have no support at all. We have paid insurance premiums for years. All of the products should be covered by the institution.

19.11.2017 - ŞENOL MERTSOYLU - We left the hospital and came home, we had no information about how to perform aspiration. We did not know how to replace the tracheostomy cannula. The devices were constantly giving alarms. We were about to go crazy. One day we were able to hold on and took the patient back to the hospital.

04.12.2017 - AHMET ERSAN - The environment of the house is not healthy for sick people. Houses should not be preferred for the care of sick women. Many accidents happen. Moreover, it is very difficult for someone who does not know to take care of the sick person. Wrong applications can be made. Medications can be given incorrectly. Sometimes, hygiene may not be paid attention to in the home environment. This means that the patient is more sick. There are those who know this job. They have to care in the hospital. Nurses and doctors visit homes where patients are cared for by municipalities. However, these are quite insufficient and not implemented by every municipality. We want the authorities to do more inspections and take care of families who care for patients. As a result, what needs to be done is obvious. Care at home is not easy. The state should make some examinations at home. If the home environment is not suitable for patient care, it is necessary to provide support for its arrangement. Otherwise, a situation appears as if the patients' life is endangered or ignored. Physician and nurse visits to the house are not enough. More is needed. Designing the home for patient care is a very important issue and we want this to be addressed. Many people have already made a request in this direction.

06.02.2018 - REYHAN AKKAYA - I have a lot to write but I cannot. I have no strength anymore. Everyone left. I am the only one taking care of my sick mother.

17.03.2018 - AYTUNÇ MİRAL - I have to deal with several diseases. The most difficult situations in which I have difficulty in nursing at home are caused by the fact that my sick mother has more than one chronic illness. I am not a doctor, nor a nurse. Sometimes we have problems due to malnutrition. I don't know what to do in this situation. There are also problems with drug use. Nurse support should be given by the state. Nurse and doctor controls should be more frequent. They come once in a while, but they are insufficient. Mobile teams that take care of the patient should be in every district. Mobile teams need to travel constantly. What is the situation in the homes where the patient is cared for, whether there is any progress in health problems, they should check and report. No matter what happens after we send it from the hospital, it is not true that it does not concern us. There are also checks for show off. We deal with it every day and there are times when we feel anxious. After all, we are not trained on this job. We ask mobile teams to come for health check at least twice a week.

24.04.2018 - LEVENT ŞAHİN - Actually, we can separate patients who are cared for at home in several ways. For example, there are patients with chronic illnesses who can meet their own needs. Apart from that, there are those who are sick and live connected to devices and move in a limited way. There are those who are sick and are completely bedridden and use devices. For example, there are people who use wheelchairs that do not hold below the waist. It is possible to diversify as such. They all have different needs. For example, if the patient lives in an apartment and there is no elevator, it is a big problem for the patient to go out. Even if there is an elevator, it is very difficult to get a completely bedridden person out. A wheelchair user can only be comfortable in an apartment with an elevator and a suitable ramp. Durable ramps must be built in accordance with the exit of the apartment buildings. A person who gets out of the elevator with a wheelchair can get out of the apartment using this ramp. In addition, this convenience should be provided in all public buildings. There are public areas that disabled people can still access with difficulty. They are afraid to go to places like government offices. If there are no suitable structures, it is very difficult for a disabled person to take care of their work. It is necessary to pay attention to these. After all, disabled people are also citizens of this state.

28.04.2018 - TUNCAY NİYAZ - Young people are very indifferent and this situation disturbs the patients. I care for patients at home, but the young people are very indifferent to their elders. This situation causes malaise on the side of the patient. Someone needs to explain what old age means at school and why the elderly should be treated with respect. However, the new generation cannot lift its head from social media. They're like narcosis. We will all grow old tomorrow. But it seems like there will be no generation that can hold our hands. There is no such thing as the concept of family. What is taught in schools? We want older people to be respected and loved. For this, trainings must be given in schools.

15.07.2018 - ALİ ÇİFTÇİ - Unfortunately, our government provides the necessary assistance if there is a complaint. I wish the problems were solved before people rebelled.

27.09.2018 - SUAT BİRCAN - I have read all the messages. I sincerely agree. I accidentally reached a lot of information about the problems I have been experiencing for three months with my patient. I have learned by living that the "falling off the roof", as you call it, is left to their own destiny. In this respect, you are pioneering a very valuable service for us. We are grateful to you. I would like to state that I am also satisfied with the products and interest shown from your institution. I offer my respects.

16.12.2018 - BÜŞRA AYDIN ​​- Hello. We are in such a period that some opportunists deceive by taking advantage of the weaknesses and ignorance of patients, saying they do not know anyway. As far as I can review your page, you focus on informing and helping your patients. Congratulations, I wish you a good day.

28.02.2019 - KEMAİL BADRUK - Coughing device is not available in the market. We are in a lot of trouble. It's a vital device for my daughter but unfortunately we can't get it.

11.03.2019 - BEHSAT ÇUHADAR - My wife's leg was amputated due to diabetes. They said that despite having many other ailments, you cannot get a report in need. I have been a victim for five months. I do not know what to do.

02.04.2019 - MEHMET ÖZDEMİR - Hello. My mother passed away at the age of 79, my father passed away at the age of 83, they passed away on my lap in our house where I have been living in Ankara since 1990. May Allah have gracious mercy. Since my daughter was raised as an elderly care specialist, I, my husband and daughter helped each other and served our elders. Our biggest trouble was to prescribe medication and take the patient to the doctor.

04.05.2019 - AYÇİL SALİK - The health system has collapsed. They come for Home Health Care, they do nothing but blood collection. I found out in the hospital emergency that my mother had food in her lungs by chance. The hospital was admitted and the doctor discharged before the lungs were cleaned. When we got home, my mother got sick again. I went to another hospital but they did not accept it. I had to go to the same hospital again. They put them in the emergency. They looked for 3 days but did not take it to the service. I had to take my patient to Istanbul.

22.05.2019 - DERYA KAYA - The biggest need of patients is comprehensive home care services. What I mean by comprehensive home care services is that it does not correspond to the current system in our country. Daily or weekly home visits are made by the healthcare team according to the need, the care and treatment needs of the patient are met at home (at least those that can be done in the home environment), reports, prescriptions and similar documents are prepared at the patient's home, the physical environment of the house is arranged according to the patient's needs (disabled toilet, door I am talking about a system where the patient and his family can reach for help 7/24 when they have a problem. In addition, it is a big problem that nursing homes where symptomatic treatment or care can be carried out for patients whose treatment has been completed but who cannot (cannot find) healing (cancer, stroke, terminal period patients, and the like) are not available in our country. Patients who are in the terminal period or who cannot cope with their pain cannot find a place in clinics and are left to their fate, and the patient family and the patient have to struggle with the death process alone.

09.06.2019 - ALİ ERDEM - Hello. Because ICD codes were wrong, I wrote a prescription twice and renewed the report. How will I know if the new report has been prepared? According to him, I have to get a prescription.

22.06.2019 - BAYRAM MELON - Hello. Our patient is weak. He is not eating his own food. We tie a cloth under it. His eyes don't see much.

15.07.2019 - FATİH UÇURAN - People are a little hesitant to tell about their illnesses. They think as if the other person is saying something. There is also a situation like being ashamed of doctors. There is a fear that my illness will be heard.

23.08.2019 - HASAN SEYİT ABDULLAH - First of all, have a good day. Thank you for the information you have provided. What patients often have trouble with is that legislation is constantly changing. The reason for this happening may be that people misuse the patient care situation. Continuous change makes other patients and their relatives aggrieved. The biggest problem is that the patient who leaves the intensive care unit while connected to the ventilator has to go back to the hospital to get a report.

25.08.2019 - ALİ ÜLVİ BÜKRÜOĞLU - Hello. We are the world leader in this sector with 3 innovative and high-tech patented elderly care support machines. I completely agree with your opinion that there are many mistakes and insufficient in this sector in our country. City hospitals are a great project, but if you cannot provide the quality in the service part, this wonderful project will lose its prestige in an instant. In order to be one click higher than the examples in the world, we need to add the advantageous services we have to this wonderful project. The most important service that should be given to patients hospitalized in intensive care or their rooms is to provide bath service with hot water with ozone without being removed from their beds. The risk of infection is zero because ozone water is used, and thanks to the cell regenerating feature of ozone, open wounds are closed quickly, if there are bedsores, they heal quickly and the formation of bedsores is prevented. However, by establishing friendly relations with undocumented counterfeit machines in the market, municipal tenders are entered into and unfortunately, these machines are allowed to be used in a way that harms users by violating patents. There is no ministry that oversees these municipal tenders. The machines used in the service do not even have documents. Since they do not use ozone, patients are taken to a bath with the same inflatable bathtub or similar closed reservoirs and trigger the risk of infecting each other. The most important problem I would like to draw attention to is the lack of supervision in the service procurement of Home Health Services in municipal tenders. In fact, there are many problems and errors to explain. I cannot mention all of them here. Home Health Services tenders are given to companies that are not related to this service. The value given to the nation should be ahead of friendship and money relations. Although the Home Health Services tenders include separate subjects in municipal tenders, they can use different subjects together in a single tender so that they can be delivered to the address. What might the ambulance company have to do with the self-care service or home cleaning service? All of these services are given to the same company with a single tender. This act is to underestimate this service and make fun of the nation, it is immoral. In order for our doctors to stay with the patient for a long time, the environment should not be disturbing. However, patients smell bad because of the drugs they use and because they cannot be washed for a long time, and this leads to a shortened visit time due to bad ambient odor. Self-care is a very important service. In our country, this service should be provided in a much better quality and in a controlled manner. It may even be considered to be given to a limited number of companies. By giving examples of the problems I have encountered in this sector, I have shared my experiences with you in order to ensure that the problems of this important service can be identified at the beginning and our people can be provided without harming them. Respect and love.

11.09.2019 - ABDULLAH KAYA - Greetings. Since our patient cannot speak when he is ill, we do not know what path to follow. We cannot communicate. He cannot speak because he has a tracheostomy. This situation makes us very sad. When we need to go to the emergency department, 112 ambulances are taken not to the hospital where the patient is followed, but to the nearest hospital. We have to retell the whole story of the patient each time. We cannot provide accurate information with that excitement. Things we forgot happen. For this reason, we have to arrange a private ambulance and go to the hospital. We are returning home by private ambulance. We experience these problems at every check. How do we go, when we go, which polyclinic we go to, we always have trouble.

13.10.2019 - MEHMET GÜLMEZ - There is bleeding in the nose of the patient who uses an oxygen device. I could not find a solution. I am very sorry.

04.11.2019 - GÜRKAN BARAN - My mother is 89 years old. Alzheimer's and dementia patient for 3 years. I am looking after my mother alone. Our financial situation is good. May Allah give convenience to those whose financial situation is not good. I have to do several different cares for my patient. First, I change the diaper (some of which are provided by the state), then I do skin care, and I also do the care included in these processes. Skin ailments below the waist, hips and groin. These are caused by urinary incontinence. In the waist-up care, I use dermatological creams against drying and shedding of the skin. I use medicine to prevent germs in your eyes. I do the hair care with shampoos that do not contain alcohol and sulfate. I use body moisturizers. I cook mainly vegetables. I especially prefer stews and soup more. At this age, patients cannot move much and get tired quickly. Care is needed to prevent constipation. The most important issue is hygiene products. The state must meet these products. For example, you should pay for products such as cleaning cloths, masks, gloves and medical shampoo. Also, at the end of the report, the doctor wants to see the patient. There are those who are bedridden, there are those who cannot walk. The doctor should come home and check. These are the biggest challenges. May Allah make it easy for everyone.

18.11.2019 - FATMA YILMAZ - There is Home Health Service, but there are some problems with it. For the analysis, the patient's attendant should go to the doctor and get the analysis printed. The team only takes blood, again you have to take the tubes to the relevant place in a limited time and follow the results. The only thing done is to give blood collection service. Although they have a car, they do not take it. You have to run the tubes and take them yourself. Meanwhile, you have to find someone with your patient. The home health unit takes the patient to the hospital, well, but when he returns, he leaves you at the apartment entrance. For example, we were left at the entrance at 2 am while it was snowing. Periodic control is not done. Maybe we are doing something wrong with the patient or we do not understand the patient's distress. Because the relatives of the patients also need support. The diaper support is insufficient, you have to pay almost half of it yourself. Products such as cleaning materials and wet towels should also be paid for the bathroom needs of the patient. The sick bed gave the institution, but there should be a dining table so that there is no difficulty feeding the patient. Thanks.

23.12.2019 - GÜLDANE ERSOY - As a 97% disabled muscle patient, I want to be examined and treated at my home for diseases that the family doctor may intervene. This is a huge need for patients like us. While we may be treated with a serum and a few medicines, we also have the misery of finding a car to go to the hospital by ambulance and return. Because the ambulance does not bring it back even if we are bedridden. So far, only once, with my mother's plea, my family doctor came home and looked over and prescribed medicine. He didn't even examine it. As a 97% disabled muscle patient, having to go to the hospital every time I have a patient is extremely tiring for me. Ambulance service only until you get to the hospital. After the diagnosis and the first treatment, a bedridden patient is left to return home. The return of patients like us should be done by an ambulance, and the number of ambulances should be increased if necessary. While suffering from disability and plus illness, we become more miserable to be able to return home.

23.02.2020 - MİNE MÜGE İLTAŞ - I have motor neuron disease and cannot walk. A technology called exoskeleton has been developed. I do not know how we'll get this product to Turkey.

06.04.2020 - RECEP KARATAŞ - A catheter must be inserted into a prostate cancer patient. We cannot take it to the hospital due to the pandemic. They said that the home health unit would come, but it did not come. I want them to come home and help.

13.04.2020 - NEZİHA KURT - My father is a cancer patient with metastases. I'm looking after him. We were receiving chemotherapy in a private hospital. Chemotherapy is not working anymore. His pain increased a lot. They recommended us lutetium treatment. This treatment is available in certain places. We took the medicine once, then they called us from the hospital and said that their April and May appointments were canceled due to the virus. When I asked what to do, it was said that we wouldn't know. Am I going to sit down and do nothing, slowly wait for my father to die?

03.05.2020 - ARZUM ÖZERMAN - My mother is 96% disabled. In addition, she goes on dialysis 3 days a week. She fell a month ago and her hip bone was broken. Surgery was not found suitable. They took us out of the hospital to take care of us at home. I am trying very hard to help my mother in matters I have never known. With the support of the municipality, a transport ambulance is coming to come and go to dialysis for 3 days. The dialysis doctor says my mother should have gallbladder surgery. When he was hospitalized, doctors said that performing hip bone surgery was risky. They stated that they could not perform a surgical operation due to the high levels of inflammation and the history of polio. I do not know what to do. When leaving the hospital, they recommended an injection that should be done every day to prevent embolism. They gave his prescription but did not report. There are 1 needles in 10 box. Each box is 200 TL. Since there is no report, we cover it ourselves. They did not report for the diaper either. We also cover the cloth money ourselves. In order to get a new report, I have to call a private ambulance and take my mother to the hospital on a stretcher. This is a very painful situation. I also do not know which department I will go to in the hospital. I also have an elderly father with dementia to look after. May God help everyone.

25.05.2020 - LEVENT GÜNEY - I have a mother with a slipped disc in her waist. Three disks are missing. He has had trouble walking for years because his spinal cord is compressed. As doctors say, walking distance is decreasing day by day. She is 88 years old now. He can hardly go to the sink to meet his needs. He cannot climb the stairs. I bought a wheelchair to move around in flat places. However, we are having problems because we cannot climb stairs. I have examined the tools made by your company and other organizations on this subject. However, the price came to me too. These tools must be provided by the state.

04.06.2020 - ERDEM ARTUL - Medical products are very expensive. Please be a voice for us and reach out to the necessary authorities.

22.06.2020 - CEMİL TURHAN - Have a nice day. I am 90% disabled spinal cord paralysis due to injury. Where and how can I find any brochure about home care? I cannot find a resource that includes all kinds of needs, including cleaning, nutrition and similar information.

23.06.2020 - URAL DEMİR - My 86 year old mother is bedridden for 3 years. We have to rotate it left and right with the sheet to do personal cleaning and care of bed sores, but we can't, it hurts all over me and says don't touch me. What can I do in this case, what kind of painkiller can I use? Are there medical products for patient cleansing and bed sores?

24.06.2020 - SERPİL ÖZTULUNÇ - I have a bedridden father at the age of 85. He had a bypass surgery. There are chronic diabetes, dementia and blood pressure diseases. Finally, his hip was broken and we had prosthetic surgery. He continues his life as bedridden. She has been living completely dependent on bed for a year. Their homes are not theirs. They live with my mother. My mother is also 75 years old. The only source of income is my father's minimum wage. I would like to ask you, is this much income enough for such a patient? We do not know how to proceed with getting care allowance. I applied for guardianship. I'm waiting for the court.

29.06.2020 - FARUK KALAY - I have a father with a right hip fracture. He had open heart surgery 10 years ago. He uses insulin and heart medications. About 3 months ago, he got the flu and lost himself. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance. He was hospitalized in the infection department. They were discharged before full recovery, more precisely saying this is from us, according to the comments of the doctors. He is currently bedridden at home. We use the probe and the diaper. He had trouble walking for years. Now he can't even sit on the bed, let alone walk. My mother meets all of her needs and is struggling. Because my mother is also sick and old. According to the doctors, the angiography could not be performed again because the vessels were blocked and they were told that it should be managed in this way. It was stated that he would be hospitalized in this way from time to time. She is 82 years old now. It has difficulty meeting its needs. He also suffers from dementia. He cannot climb the stairs. The leg muscles also pretty much melted. We are having a lot of difficulty in its maintenance.

06.07.2020 - NACİYE DEMİRCİOĞLU - We have a diabetic patient. Right side paralyzed. He speaks but what he said is not understood. He has wounds on his right foot due to diabetes. Blood values ​​are constantly falling, the reason was not found. A check-up per month is recommended. A stent was placed in the carotid artery 1 year ago. One month ago, angiography occurred in the right leg. He is now bedridden.

29.08.2020 - BİLGE ESENGİN - I live in Ankara. I'm all alone. My mother is bedridden and in need of care. I have trouble with most things. The state does not pay a babysitter fee just because we are paid. Is it a crime to work and be paid? The caregiver is asking for a lot of money and we cannot afford it with our salary. Both the patient and our relatives become victims. Why does the state not pay care allowance to people with a disability report and in need of care? At least the caregiver allocate it. Let us give this opportunity to us. Also, disability reports must be indefinite. This person is sick with a report. The report has expired. They want the ill-minded bedridden patient in front of them like a plot mannequin for the new report. New report operations should be done according to old information. Or you can get information from SGK. The fact that our patients go to get reports repeatedly by dragging hot or cold between the blankets both spoils their psychology and causes them to become more ill by being battered.

25.09.2020 - KEMAL ELBEYİ - I am 83 percent disabled. At the same time, I have chronic diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease. Neurological diseases have also started. Sores appear under my feet. The worst thing is I'm alone. It is painful to go to the hospital. I can't walk. I don't know how or where to get many things done. Thank you.

28.09.2020 - ATİLA ÖZİŞ - You can get help if you have a relative with conscience or if you are rich. Otherwise, nobody is taken care of properly.

05.10.2020 - FATİH BİLGİN - My dear father has been suffering from COPD for more than two years. We went through very heavy processes. Our life has always been in intensive care for nearly a year. Due to the pandemic, we spent most of this time not seeing him. I'm sure you feel abandoned. We had very short periods of palliative service and staying at home. He had to go into intensive care over and over again. Intensive care processes may eliminate urgent problems, but put patients in severe situations in terms of excessive weight loss, vascular damage and bed sores, which puts patients in the dying process. As a result, a tracheostomy was performed for the last three to four months and he was sent home with a new device, after staying in the palliative ward for 2 weeks. The palliative process was unfortunately very difficult for us and the patient due to wrong practices and healthcare trips. Due to the occupation of each of the patients' relatives, we had to take turns with a group of six companions. But the hospital staff didn't want it and didn't care for any of our reasons. That's why the tension has happened over and over again. I tried to explain to them that these rules are necessary, perhaps due to the pandemic, but that they do not comply with social conditions and that it is not possible for a single person to spare all their time. Only then we desperately encountered an inconsiderate response such as hold a caregiver. We also got harsher reactions because of these reactions. Therefore, the education process of the relatives was not sufficient. Answers were started to be given to the questions asked because we had told this to something or something. We had problems in transferring the training details to the other, as they did not pick up the newcomer before the old attendant went to the hospital door during the accompanying changes. At the weekend, the ventilator device started to give an alarm and low pressure warning. The nurse I summoned aggressively saying that she did not understand the device and that this training should have been given to us, instead of finding a solution. We tried to explain that the device was stuck during the intensive care period and that we left the intensive care unit and came to the palliative service, and that we saw the device here for the first time. We learned that there is no technical personnel in the hospital who understands these devices. The service had to be called in case of emergency. It was said that the doctors should make a decision during working hours. Because it was the weekend, they said that if the patient got sick, they would immediately take intensive care. For this, they even opened a second vascular access and waited ready. It's a tragicomic situation. Our patient had to be taken into intensive care again just because of the malfunction of the device on the first day he was taken to the palliative service in another hospital and it was again on the weekend. It is a big fiasco that no nurses and doctors do not understand these devices provided by the insurance, and that there is not even one technician who knows these devices in every hospital. Eventually we went home. The insurance institution is very strict about the consumables of the devices it supplies and does not cover some of them. Because it gives very low numbers to medical professionals, high differences are taken for those they meet. Patient care at home is superficial. The team arrives only doing routine work. Nobody knows about the devices. There is not enough useful information and practice about the nutrition of the patient. No other food type can be applied other than monolithic foods. It is said to get an appointment for the tracheostomy cannula. The patient has no mobility. The food cannula is excruciating. Home care patients have dozens of problems, and the state needs to create a conscious health system with its social state identity and associate these problems with the eyes of experts and produce solutions.

12.10.2020 - HALİL KARAKUŞ - My father's brain vessels are clogged. He was no longer able to meet his physical needs because his brain had shrunk. We have to wear diapers all the time. Because of the pandemic, we cannot take it to the hospital and issue a report. Since Alzheimer's disease progresses faster than before, he can no longer notice some things. At least we are waiting for help with diapers.

26.10.2020 - HACI ÖZ - Medical companies are the biggest supporter of patients in need of care. Just as medicine is not sold in medicals, medical products should not be sold in pharmacies, markets and similar places.

23.11.2020 - ESMA DEMİROĞLU - Hello. Health workers came home the other day, but they left without doing anything. There is a serious swelling and redness on my grandfather's foot. It started to hurt. Cannot sleep due to pain. Their eyes do not see 99 percent. Always bedridden. Which cream will we use with which medicine?

07.12.2020 - ERDAL DEMİR - I have a 82-year-old father who has walking difficulties, heart, lung and prostate diseases. We do not know what kind of support we can get for home care.

21.12.2020 - HAZAL AKTAŞ - My father has Alzheimer's. Six gets dressed. The family doctor writes a 2-month diaper. But every time he writes on diapers, he wants to see my dad, too. It is very difficult to get my father out. The diaper report is also renewed annually. While updating the report, the doctor wants to see the patient again. It is a real problem to bring it and take it with transportation vehicles.

12.01.2021 - ALİ KARAKAŞ - I am a patient relative. We cannot benefit from the health services provided by the state for our patients at home.

25.01.2021 - BETÜL ÇAĞLAR - Patient bed is one of the most important devices for patients cared for at home, but SGK does not pay for this product. The patient has to pay for whatever is needed in the room where he is staying. Even if you only pay for medicinal products, it will be enough. Thus, patients are also comfortable. In some homes, patients lie on the sofa in the living room. We also take care of our grandmother at home. He is very overwhelmed because he has COPD and wants us to be with him all the time. Since the oxygen device given by SSI is an old model, it makes a lot of noise, all family members have to pull that sound all day long. My brother wants to watch TV, while my grandmother's device is working. My mom can't handle any of them because she has a migraine. She cannot even go to the next room because she wants my grandmother to stay with her because she is dependent on my mother. My mother suffers from constant headaches. The stress in the house is at the highest level. We know that stress is at the top of all diseases. A solution must be found for this. We ask the institutions to provide support for the specially produced patient bed that will not cause pressure sores. At least our device should be replaced with a new model of oxygen concentrator. There are devices that do not make noise, that do not work and disturb even while sleeping, but we cannot afford it financially. We have to be content with what the SGK gives. We really need this. We expect support.

08.03.2021 - PELİN BÜYÜKYILMAZ - My grandfather is lying paralyzed. My grandmother is old and has a hard time caring for my grandfather. Since it is in the village, we cannot go to it easily. We do not know how we can obtain diapers and similar needs free of charge. Our patient has no report. How do we get it?

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