When Will High Speed ​​Train Come to Bursa?

When will the fast train come to Bursa?
When will the fast train come to Bursa?

AK Party Provincial Chairman Davut Gürkan, writer of Olay Newspaper about the projects planned for Bursa Ahmet Emin YılmazHe made important statements to ...

Yılmaz gave the following striking statements by Gürkan in his present column:

We know because we know ... AK Party Provincial Chairman Davut Gürkan As a working mentality to act with common sense cares. For this reason, as we have mentioned before, it receives opinions from individuals and institutions at the stage of thought formation and determines the road map according to the opinion formed.


Head of Red Crescent Bursa Branch successfully maintains an understanding in political office is determined to continue as the representative of the political power in the local area.

We did on Friday sohbetwe saw that too.

His gaze is clear:

“We will give priority to the expectations of the city. We will also realize the services by providing city consensus. We attach great importance to this. "

The call is:

"We want to bring out a city vision about the future of Bursa by including academic chambers, NGOs, the business world, in short, everyone who takes the interests of Bursa as their mission."


"This is our goal" he said and said:

“Therefore, we attach great importance to the plans of 1/100 thousand for the new era and future of Bursa. We will try to find a common mind for the future of Bursa. "

Local representative of the ruling party AK Party Provincial Chairman as assured:

“Why should we do something to offend the public? We will not do anything to disturb the city. We will consider the expectations and realities of the city. For this, we are meeting with Bursa citizens. "

The purpose was explained:

"We want to take a city that is among the peaceful cities of Europe higher and make it better."

At this point…

They care city ​​consensus instead of a political approach for the projects provided urban interest while repeating that they will move in the direction, "We are working for the future of the city, not for the coming years, or just for the 2023 target" he said and gave the following message:

“As our Minister Faruk Çelik said; we will not leave our problems to our grandchildren. This is our promise. "

High speed train will definitely come to Bursa

Founded in 2012 and unable to reach the targeted stage fast train his project is currently on the opposition's agenda.

AK Party Provincial Chairman Davut Gürkan He said about it:

“Fast train is a reality. Our promise as the government. However, there were some geological problems, the routes changed, the cost increased four times. We strive to overcome these problems. "

The message is:

“The AK Party did not leave any project it started unfinished. The high-speed train, which is a started project, will definitely come to Bursa. "

Davut Gürkan: There will be a project in Yunuseli that will ease the public conscience

This period… Bursa public opinion What to do or what not to do on Yunuseli Airport grounds discussing.

In this regard Bu

AK Party Provincial Chairman Davut Gürkan 'The idea is as follows:

“Discussions are going wrong. It is rumored that it was transferred to Milli Emlak. However, the land was already owned by the National Real Estate, not the Metropolitan Municipality. There is also a military field in it. "

He explained:

“We started to meet with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. We share ideas on what can be done. There are no projects yet revealed. "

His promise ...

Airport Yunuseli to the opposition expressing their opinion in front of:

“I regret what the opposition parties are doing. They are unnecessarily stretching and misleading society. There is no point in straining the public so much. "

His promise is:

“Nobody should be nervous. There will be a project in Yunuseli that will ease the public conscience. We will ensure city agreement. "

17 projects continue on Highways

Sohbetwe have… AK Party Provincial Chairman Davut Gürkan when evaluating investments Highways'opened a separate paragraph:

“Between 1993-2002, 2 billion 711 million TL was spent for the Highways projects. During the 2003-2020 AK Party period, 9 billion 035 million TL was spent. The difference is obvious. "

He gave the following information:

"Currently, the Highways in Bursa are continuing 2 projects worth 279 billion 17 million liras."

Politics is good in a wider circle ... Meeting of friends from the old and new administrations

Politics does not happen alone… We need friends, sincerity, we need to save memories and believe in the same cause.

Shipping is Deputy Prime Minister one AK Party Deputy of Bursa ve Chairman of the Human Rights Investigation Commission of the TGNA Hakan Çavuşoğlu said:Taken after breakfast that Saturday morning attended souvenir photo we thought about it while looking.

In that photo ...

AK Party 'who worked in all managements from the establishment of Embiya Akkus there is. Serving in the previous provincial administration Mehmet Cakman, Zahide Ari, Mustafa Sayılgan there.

From the new administration ...

Provincial Vice President Orhan Aygün, İrfan Akkaya, Servet Kaynar, Ali Sait Adiloğlu there.

Yıldırım Municipal Council Member Ali Mollasalih from the business world with Feyiz Koroglu ve Canip Oktay there.

The meeting of old and new administrations is also important for the periods when politics were made together.

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