Market Waste Is Returning to Tables Through Agriculture

Sunday waste freezing to the tables with agriculture
Sunday waste freezing to the tables with agriculture

Organic wastes collected from markets and businesses for a clean and sustainable environment in Beykoz turn into nature as soil improvement compost and worm fertilizer in agriculture, then turn into healthy foods and turn into tables.

Organic wastes such as vegetables and fruits collected from the markets within the scope of the "Juniper Sofrası Project" developed by Beykoz Municipality in line with the "Zero Waste" objectives are easily processed in large compost machines and meet the soil in Yücel Çelikbilek Orchard.

In addition, the worm manure obtained by feeding the compost worms as food is used in fruit and vegetable cultivation.

Transformation from Nature to Nature 

Thanks to the project, which is a gift from the table to the soil, from the soil to the table, the storage problem of organic wastes is eliminated, the economy is contributed, and many vegetables and fruits grown with compost enter the kitchens healthily.

Within the scope of the project developed by Beykoz Municipality as an exemplary zero waste application, 2020 tons of compost products and 5 tons of worm manure were obtained in 3,5 and used in the production of seasonal fruits and vegetables in the orchard.

Reaching the Tables of the Needy People 

Ardıç Sofrası, as an exemplary recycling practice, gives life to nature and reaches the needy in the district with its social aspect.

Various vegetables and seasonal fruits such as tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, broccoli and artichokes grown in the Yücel Çelikbilek Orchard are carefully collected by the staff and delivered to those in need who are registered in Beykoz Municipality in accordance with the hygiene rules.

How Does the Project Cycle Work?

Organic wastes taken from markets and businesses regularly are processed in the main compost machine of Beykoz Municipality.

Worm fertilizer is obtained by giving some of the compost formed as food to the worms.

Compost and worm manure that add abundance to the soil is delivered to Yücel Çelikbilek Orchard.

What is Worm Casting?

It is an organic fertilizer obtained as a result of separating the compost product and passing the worms through the digestive systems.

What Are the Benefits of Worm Casting?

  • It provides a regulatory effect on plant growth.
  • Provides the ability to develop biological resistance in plants.
  • Provides the ability to mitigate harmful attacks.
  • Provides the ability to suppress plant diseases.

What is Compost? 

The decomposition of plant and animal wastes in a humid-oxygenated environment into a kind of soil improvement product is called composting.

What Are the Benefits of Compost?

  • Increases the void volume of the soil
  • It facilitates the cultivation of the soil
  • Increases the water holding capacity of the ground
  • It facilitates the aeration of the soil
  • Promotes plant root growth
  • The grown plants; It enables it to be healthier and more resistant to diseases and pests.

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