Rail Length Cleaning in Ankara Metro Kızılay-Necatibey Line

Rail-long cleaning on the Kizilay Necatibey line of the ankara metro
Rail-long cleaning on the Kizilay Necatibey line of the ankara metro

A detailed cleaning work was carried out at the weekend at the Kızılay Metro and Kızılay Necatibey Station, where the human circulation is the highest, by the Department of Transportation Planning and Rail System of the EGO General Directorate.

Before the work carried out by the cleaning unit under the supervision of Line Maintenance Technicians on Sunday, March 7, 2021, necessary Occupational Health and Safety measures were taken in coordination with the Metro Operation Directorate.

In the cleaning work carried out by 30 cleaning staff and 2 coordinators at Kızılay Metro Station, nearly 15 thousand square meters of floors, including 6 stairs, 8 staff rooms and 8 WCs, were washed, the station walls and turnstiles were carefully cleaned.

While the general cleaning activity of the Kızılay Metro Station continues, a second team consisting of 7 personnel and 1 coordinator cleaned the line between the Kızılay Necatibey Station and cleaned the dense mud and plastic waste accumulated in the Necatibey scissors area.

We remind once again that all our citizens have a common responsibility for a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable environment, and we strongly urge our passengers who use the public transport system to comply with hygiene and cleanliness rules and to be more sensitive to the environment.

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