Physical Activity Suggestions for Online Students

Physical activity recommendations for online students
Physical activity recommendations for online students

Due to the pandemic conditions we have been in for about a year, children who have received distance education had to be locked at home and their physical activities were restricted.

This inactivity also causes various problems. Stating that by increasing movement and reducing inactivity with physical activity, diseases that may occur in childhood or in the future can be prevented, Istanbul Rumeli University Faculty of Sport Sciences Ar. See. Emine Nur DEMİRCAN answered the question "What activities should the students studying online do at what age?"

Activity programs should include four types of activities

Although it varies according to age group, activity programs should include four types of activities in general. These; endurance (aerobic), muscle strengthening and weight, bone strengthening and balance, stretching activities. Aerobic activities should form the core of this program. Children who are sedentary especially in the first periods of their lives should start exercising slowly and do 1-2 minutes of moderate intensity activities 15-30 times a week. When children can tolerate this level of exercise, they should progress gradually from 2 minutes of activity 3-30 days a week to 3 minutes of activity 4-30 days a week.

Physical activities should be determined by age group.

Stating that age, physical environment, physical fitness and body weight should be taken into consideration when deciding on physical activities to be performed by children, İstanbul Rumeli University Faculty of Sport Sciences Ar. See. Emine Nur DEMİRCAN continued her words as follows: “In addition to these, it should be fun, planned according to the needs of the children, easily applicable and practical, willingness and volunteering should also be taken into consideration. Since the most important factor among all these factors is age, it would be more accurate to determine our exercise recommendations according to the age group. ''

5-7 age period

In this period, displacement and balance movements, hand-eye coordination begin to develop. Children are very fast and active. Great muscle control is fast, but endurance is still weak during this period. During this period, children especially enjoy competitive individual and cooperative games. He jumps back, throws the ball with one hand, kicks the moving ball, throws a ball into the basket. Their balance has improved. They can stand for an average of 10 seconds on one leg. They easily adapt to rhythmic movements. If we look at the activities and sports recommended for children in this period; It can be ice skating, gymnastics, athletics, football, swimming, judo sports with rope jumping, line games, holding and ball rolling games.

8-9 age period

Children in this period develop their rhythmic skills, their endurance increases, their strength and coordination develop, their basic movements become smoother, and their complex movement skills begin to develop. In addition, dribbling, passing skills and jumping rope skills are improved. Children in this age group can be offered activities and sports such as folk dances, hit and catch games, table tennis, boxing, karate, and taekwondo.

10-11 age period

Children in this age group increase in skills that require strength, agility, balance and coordination. Their participation in team sports increases. Heart, vascular and respiratory systems become physiologically more suitable for endurance sports. Gender differences in children in this period may cause changes in their physical activity preferences. For this reason, the types of activities and sports should be decided by considering the preferences of the children. In addition, posture disorders can be seen due to development during this period.

Activities such as yoga and dance are suitable activities to prevent posture disorders in children in this age group. Children can be directed to ball sports such as basketball and volleyball, and outdoor sports such as direction finding, nature walks, scouting, camping. In this period, the participation of children in activities to be carried out with the family should definitely be supported in order to increase communication.

Suggesting physical activities suitable for the age periods of the children, Demircan concluded his words as follows: “Children can spend time in front of the screen (computer, tablet, television, phone, etc.) for“ age x 10 minutes ”outside of online lessons.

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