Date Explained For Face-to-Face Education! When Will Schools Be Open?

Date for face-to-face education when schools will open
Date for face-to-face education when schools will open

The Minister of National Education, Ziya Selçuk, held the details of the transition to face-to-face education at the informative meeting.

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk said, "Since it is seen that there is no or low epidemic in our villages, we open our village schools on February 15, face to face and full-time, in order to prevent further interruption of the education of our children due to the epidemic." said.

stating that all our efforts to meet health and that of their children safely to school Selcuk, therefore every day and sometimes several times a day, he said, and the world scientific data and review reports that they had in Turkey.

Stating that a large team associates the flow of data with practices and follows detailed data from province to province, Selçuk stated that the opinions of the Scientific Committee were carefully evaluated and the physical and mental health, psychosocial and academic assessment data were considered comparatively.

"Depending on the course of the epidemic, distance education may be recommended in some villages."

Turkey's epidemic measures in terms of education in the application of data-driven way in the world in the sample stated that Selcuk among the countries shown, distance education was begun from 23 March 2020, published on television so far 10 thousand tutorial videos and tens of millions of hours said they exhibited a remarkable performance live lessons .

Selcuk; Expressing his gratitude to the teachers, education staff and parents who patiently supported this process, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan reminded that, after the Cabinet Meeting yesterday, he shared the outline of the transition from distance education to face-to-face education in the second term.

Reminding that the second semester will start on Monday, February 15, as stated in the education calendar, Selçuk said, “Since it is seen that there is no or low epidemic in our villages, we open our village schools face to face and full time at all levels so that the education of our children is not interrupted further due to the epidemic. Of course, depending on the course of the epidemic, provincial sanitation boards may recommend distance education in some of our villages. " he spoke.

"Our special education schools and classes will start providing education for our students with special needs."
Emphasizing the importance they attach to pre-school education and emphasizing that this is the beginning of education, Selçuk continued as follows: “For this reason, we decided to open all independent kindergartens full-time on February 15, so that my children have a strong start and do not delay further. On Monday, March 1, we decided to open our primary schools with all grade levels. Our primary school students will continue their education in diluted form two days a week. As of the same date, our special education schools and classes will start providing education for our students with special needs.

On March 1, our schools will open their doors for our 8th and 12th grade students who are in the exam period. It is very important for them to prepare for exams efficiently and to work one-on-one with their teachers. For this reason, our students will start their education full-time on March 1 and will take their places in classrooms within the framework of the conditions stipulated by the Science Committee. In addition, our students will be considered on special leave on the days and hours with curfew so that these students can reach the ongoing Support Training Courses more easily. "

"The exams of high school students from the first term will be scheduled in March"

Stating that the exams of high school students from the first semester will be planned and held face-to-face in March, and that the scope of these exams includes the course subjects they came to until November 1, 2020, Selçuk said, “The participation of our students in face-to-face education in our schools is of course up to the decision of our parents, as in the previous period. will be. We ask our parents, who do not want to send their children face to face, to declare their situation in writing to the schools they are in. In this case, our children will not be considered absent, they will continue their distance education and they will be responsible for the curriculum.

As you all know, our teachers were included in the priority group in the order of application of the Kovid-19 vaccine. In order to speed up the process, vaccination is planned for our teachers who started face-to-face training in February. In line with the findings of our Ministry of Health, we see that the number of cases related to the epidemic is very low, especially in some provinces. In the upcoming period, depending on the course of the epidemic, decisions may be taken regarding the initiation of face-to-face education at different class levels and school levels in line with the decision of provincial sanitation boards and governorships.

"During the distance education process, the cleanliness of the schools was certified according to the standards"

Selçuk pointed out that during the process of distance education, the procedures for certifying the cleanliness of the schools according to the standards were carried out very quickly and the measures were taken in the schools with deficiencies, and gave the following information: We are following closely. In this context, we are launching a comprehensive program to compensate for learning losses. We will share our preparations and support resources with our students and teachers in the coming days.

The success of the decision made and the fact that all of our students can start face-to-face education depend on observing the hygiene rules, and the decrease in the course of the epidemic with the sensitivity of the mask and distance. Every mask you wear, every distance you protect, and every cleaning rule you apply is a breath of fresh air for the education of our children for the future of our country. I thank you all and ask for your attention and care. "

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