Valentine's Day gift guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

The gift guide prepared by for Valentine's Day brings together many gift alternatives to customers. Amazon Turkey announced the Valentine's Day Gift Guide. Options for every budget and taste, from electronics to books, from sports equipment to clothing [more…]

great success in formula from cem bolukbas
971 United Arab Emirates

Great Success in Formula 3 from Cem Bölükbaşı

Young pilot Cem Bölükbaşı, who showed his success on the virtual tracks on the real tracks, was applauded with his performance in the first leg of the Formula 3 Asian Championship, consisting of three races, in Dubai. The story of the transition from esports to real tracks and [more…]

how old child plays game

What Age Child Plays?

Experts, who stated that the game, which is a very serious occupation for the child, is also a source of entertainment and learning, said that the game is as important a need in the child's life as nutrition and breathing. [more…]


Feed And Flour Technology

It is necessary to see the works of the milling industry both to meet the feed needs in the livestock sector and to meet the food needs of people. This qualified technology together with quality machines has become more objective recently. [more…]

Caregiver List Updated

Caregiver List Updated

One of the most important needs of patient relatives is knowledgeable and experienced caregivers whom they can safely entrust their patients to. We created a social responsibility project to find a solution to this problem. Patient care through the project [more…]


TÜRASAŞ Will Recruit 45 Workers

Turkey Rail System Vehicles Industry Joint Stock Company (TÜRASAŞ) General Directorate will recruit 45 workers to be employed in provincial organizations (Sivas, Eskişehir and Sakarya Regional Directorates). As of 1.02.2021, the status of demand conditions [more…]