Velo Alanya MTB Cup Race Held
07 Antalya

Velo Alanya MTB Cup Race Held

Velo Alanya MTB Cup Race was held in the Ministry of Forestry Research Station opposite the İncekum Forest Camp with the participation of 84 athletes. In the Incekum Velo Alanya MTB Cup race, the athletes pedaled 4,7 km. Young [more…]

public transport free to mourning
16 Bursa

Public Transport Free for 65 Years Old

Within the scope of the fight against the pandemic, the public transportation restriction, which has been imposed on citizens over the age of 65 since December, with the Presidential decree, has been lifted as of Monday due to the start of the vaccination schedule. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

the rule for those with permanent pacemakers

8 Rules That Permanent Pacemakers Should Follow

Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. İbrahim Baran explained that there are 8 rules that must be followed by those with permanent pacemakers. Permanent pacemaker (pacemaker) is an electronic device that creates and regulates the rhythm of the heart and can shock the heart when necessary. [more…]