online bridal sales after covid

Online Bridal Sales After Covid-19

The coronavirus epidemic, which affected the whole world, caused many habits to change in the fashion world. During the quarantine period applied throughout the pandemic period, wedding dress rehearsals started to be received on online platforms. [more…]

Do not ignore the details of laser therapy

Do Not Ignore The Details In Laser Treatment

With laser surgery, which is the most common method used in the treatment of refractive defects such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, and is the most common method in refractive surgery in the world, it is possible to get rid of glasses after approximately 15 minutes of operation. [more…]

pandemic created awareness in bad breath

7 Effective Precautions Against Bad Breath!

The use of masks, which is a part of our daily life with the Covid-19 process; It brought about the person's realization of his own bad breath and the search for a solution. Mouth, which is a serious problem that can be considered as a reason in divorces. [more…]

the rally is coming back to the basement
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Rally is Back in Bodrum after 27 Years

After the meetings between the Bodrum Promotion Foundation (BOTAV) and the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation, the Rally returns to Bodrum. Rally Bodrum, which will be organized by Karya Automobile Sports Club under the leadership of BOTAV, will be held for 27 years. [more…]

Does glutathione therapy strengthen immunity

Does Glutathione Therapy Strengthen Immunity?

Our immune system is a defense mechanism that protects us from diseases and fights them when we are sick. Keeping our immune system strong during the pandemic process will also protect us from coronavirus. Dr. Love Plants glutathione, which strengthens immunity [more…]