End of Fearful Dental Treatments

stop fearful dental treatments
stop fearful dental treatments

Stating that the main purpose is to add innovation and comfort to the care and treatment processes, Dentist Recep EŞKAR stated that they are trying to create a much more spacious, relaxing and relaxing atmosphere by destroying the perception of the hospital environment. He added that this way, everyone from 7 to 70 can have a different, satisfying and relaxing experience.

Drawing attention to the activities of Dental Spa for psychological relaxation, Dentist EŞKAR stated that patients with dentist phobia are psychologically relieved in such a relaxing environment, trying to reduce their anxiety first, and then apply some relaxation exercises to the patients. EŞKAR also stated that they attach great importance to psychological health as well as physical health, and emphasized that the number of patients with dentist phobia will decrease thanks to the psychological interventions in Dental Spa.

Stating that they created Dental Spa by taking inspiration from the relaxing, relaxing and peaceful environments of spa centers, Dentist EŞKAR stated that being treated in an atmosphere created by natural fragrances, which relieves stress with soft tones, instrumental music, is quite stressed that it is preferable.

EŞKAR, CEO of Hospitadent Dental Group, emphasizing that patients who have completed or will complete oral and dental care or treatment in an atmosphere much different from the usual examination environment, accompanied by relaxing music and scents, will also decrease their fear of dentists. expressed that supporting services are also complementary and useful.

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