Cyberbullying Increases 81 Percent in Pandemic

cyberbullying increased percent in the pandemic
cyberbullying increased percent in the pandemic

The coronavirus epidemic has left the world with unprecedented uncertainty, financial instability and chaos. While the business world has to move from home to work, students struggle to complete their education from home. However, there is an increase in online victimization, abuse and cyberbullying. According to recent research, 81% Bitdefender increased attention to cyber bullying pandemic Turkey Flame Akkoyunlu Director of Operations, pandemic process marshalled against cyberbullying points need to be considered.

While people are trying to stay healthy and safe during the pandemic, avoid financial damage, or just keep things normal during these difficult times, it doesn't seem easy to focus on something like online harassment. However, according to data from cyberbullying organizations, cyberbullying during the pandemic increased at a record level with 81%. Cyber ​​bullies are particularly targeted at children in the 8-12 age range Bitdefender attention they Flame Akkoyunlu Turkey Operations Director, marshalled pandemic points to be considered against cyberbullying in the process.

Children are the First Target

The epidemic has plunged children into more online environments than usual to keep up with school assignments. Although parents can control all their online activities such as the messages of their children, social media usage, the websites they visit, the number of hours used by which application and instant location information with security software, they have difficulty in predicting the exposure to cyberbullying. So much so that the researches show that there is a 8% increase in the rate of children aged 12-45 who are exposed to cyberbullying. Highlighting that 10 out of 5 cyber bullies are classmates of their children, Alev Akkoyunlu states that parents and school administrators had a great deal of work during the pandemic period.

Sexual Assaults Against Women Are In The Foreground

While teens and children seem more vulnerable to all forms of bullying and abuse than adults, adults also frequently encounter online harassment. In the surveys, 57% of the participants stated that they were subjected to cyber bullying on online platforms, and it is stated that sexual attacks especially against women are in the foreground. Emphasizing that any content shared in online environments can be used by cyberbullies for malicious purposes, Alev Akkoyunlu lists the steps that should be taken in the fight against cyberbullying.

7 Key Tips Against Cyber ​​Bullying

BitDefender Antivirus Flame Akkoyunlu Turkey's Director of Operations, pandemic period has advised against 7 significant risk of exposure to cyberbullying.

1. Make your profiles private to prevent unwanted comments and messages from people you don't know.

2. To get likes or comments, do not share photos with hashtags that might attract more attention to bullies, such as # like4like, #followme, #tbt, #followforfollow #instagood, #instadaily #picoftheday, or #tagforlikes.

3. When you encounter a cyberbully targeting you or someone else, block them and report them by complaining.

4. Do not reply to any online or offline messages from cyberbullies.

5. To avoid being a part of the bullying, do not forward any bullying messages to others.

6. Use award-winning anti-spyware antivirus software that will allow cyberbullies to gain unauthorized access to your systems.

7. If such a problem occurs despite the precautions, support your child or friend, boost morale and spend more time together. Minimize their chances of being affected by these types of online incidents by instilling confidence in them as much as you can.

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