Projects by Mansur Yavaş to Keep Ankara's History Alive

Projects that will re-live the history of Ankara
Projects that will re-live the history of Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş is implementing projects that will revive the historical heritage of the Capital, one by one. In his post on his social media accounts, Mayor Yavaş stated that they will revive the nation in accordance with its historical texture, and said, “We will complete the rehabilitation and facade renovation works of these buildings, which are the trust of the Republic period, and put them into operation again. The history of our capital will be a light to its future," he said. Within the scope of the project, the area where Anafartalar Street and Bazaar, Posta Caddesi, Ulus İş Han, Çıkrıkçılar Yokuşu and Sobacılar Bazaar are located was renewed and transferred to the Capital. kazanwill be raised. The Metropolitan Municipality will also transform the historical Roman Theater into an open-air museum and attraction center with the "Roman Theater and Archeopark Project" in order to be included in the world cultural heritage.

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, gives priority to projects that protect the history of the capital.

Accelerating its efforts to realize projects that will bring the city's history and cultural heritage to light in line with the request of Mayor Yavaş, the Department of Cultural and Natural Heritage has carried out rehabilitation and facade renovation works in and around Ulus Square, especially Anafartalar Street and Bazaar, one of the symbol points of Ankara. is starting. to world cultural heritage kazanThe Metropolitan Municipality, which has taken a step towards the construction of the city, also plans to transform the historical place into a center of attraction with the Roman Theater and Archeopark Project.


Aiming to revive historical sites that shed light on the past and bring the history of the capital to future generations, Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş has pressed the button for two separate projects that will change the face of Ulus and revive tourism in accordance with the historical identity of Ulus.

Mayor Yavaş, who introduced the project to be started to the people of the Capital, with his sharing on social media accounts, said, “We are animating Ulus in accordance with its historical texture. We will complete the rehabilitation and facade renewal works of these buildings, which are entrusted to the Republic period, and put them into operation again. He said that the history of our capital will be a light for the future ”.

Two separate projects, whose restoration and landscaping will be started this year by the Department of Cultural and Natural Heritage, will contribute to the world cultural heritage. kazanwork has been accelerated.


The Metropolitan Municipality, which will start rehabilitation and facade renewal works in Anafartalar Street and Bazaar, and Posta Street, Ulus İş Hanı, Çıkrıkçılar Yokuşu and Sobacılar Bazaar, which witness the historical past of Ulus, will protect the historical heritage.

Emphasizing that they have studied the history of Ankara with great care and will take care to preserve the historical texture, Bekir Ödemiş, Head of the Department of Cultural and Natural Heritage, gave the following information about the project:

“This area is the historical city center of Ankara. Ulus İş Hanı, the building used as the General Directorate of Youth and Sports and Anafartalar Bazaar, historical buildings of the Republic period. Together, we will ensure the socioeconomic revival of the historical city center of Ulus. Efforts to renew the facade of Ulus İş Hanı and Anafartalar Bazaar will begin. This is a project to be done without damaging its original texture and characteristic structure. We are planning to complete both projects this year. It was decided by the Metropolitan Municipality Council to make the Youth and Sports Directorate building a hotel. There was no large hotel in Ulus that could accommodate guests. We planned to keep this building in our hands and put it into operation. We will also carry out the rehabilitation and facade works of Posta Street, Ulus İş Hanı, Çıkrıkçılar Slope and Sobacılar Bazaar as soon as possible. That's why we care about Anafartalar Street. We also call it struggle against signage pollution. We have started the necessary studies in this regard. By highlighting the archaeological structure, we will carry Ankara's past to future generations. "


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will bring the Roman Theater, which has hosted thousands of years of history, to the light again with the "Roman Theater and Archeopark Project", which will bring the Roman Theater, one of the historical heritage of the capital, to light.

By transforming the Roman Theater into an archaeopark area, it will contribute to urban tourism. kazanwithin the scope of the project; A welcoming center that will host visitors, a playground where children will receive archaeological education, and the opportunity to carry out active excavations under the supervision of academics from the university will be provided.

Stating that the Roman Theater will become a center of attraction for tourists as well as the citizens of the Capital, Ödemiş also explained the details of the project:

“We are on the two thousand years old Roman Theater. This theater was discovered by chance during an excavation here in 1982. Excavations continued in collaboration with the Anatolian Civilizations Museum and Ankara University Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Department of Classical Archeology. Our Archeopark project, which covers an area of ​​17 thousand square meters in addition to the Roman Theater, is being implemented. We will do the tender for this in the coming days. We will remove the area with the minibus stops and the closed minibus area with our project. Our 17 thousand square meter car park and green area project for that area has also been completed. After removing the minibus stops and arranging them, we will accept the guests in the historical place with a green area of ​​approximately 35 thousand square meters, a parking lot and an archeopark welcoming area. As stated by the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Mansur Yavaş, we aim to protect, preserve and transfer all historical, natural, cultural, archaeological and geological assets belonging to every period in Ankara, which have been inherited to us, to future generations. Our work on the Roman Theater has started. We delivered the place in October. The stones were numbered and their three-dimensional drawings were made. Filling and excavations were removed. We are currently choosing samples. We are meticulous in material selection. This is an area with an important historical identity and tourism potential in Ankara, but it must also have a functional feature that can be reached by our citizens of Ankara, not only in terms of tourism. All steps were taken to make the Municipality of Rome and the Metropolitan Municipality sister cities. Correspondence was made and we will sign sister city protocol at the Roman Theater with the groundbreaking ceremony.

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