How did the Persian Carpet Come Out?

Iran Carpet
Iran Carpet

Standing out with its color, pattern and weaving style perzisch tapijt It dates back to 2500 years. Persian carpets, which are at the highest level of artistic splendor, manage to dazzle people with their fascinating handicrafts and colors that emerge in the process from hand-woven materials. The pioneer of ancient civilizations perzisch tapijtThe ability to weave carpets has passed from father to son since then. These carpets, which nomadic people use on the ground and tent entrances to protect themselves from the cold, are appreciated by kings and ambassadors and gained a reputation. Observing and researching Iranian carpets has followed the path of a cultural change that has not been seen in other civilizations around the world and has preserved its first day to date.

Iran Carpet Models

It does not lose anything of its value and still rises by adding something on it. perzisch tapijt remains the favorite of people. Iranian carpet does not consist of only one type. These carpets, which are designed for Iranian cities with their different designs and structures, come from master hands in every city of Iran. The history of these carpets goes back to the 17th century. Isfahan carpets are reflected in the form of technical patterns and compositions, and because they come from different masters, they contain various patterns. Kirman carpet is soft and tightly woven carpets made of lamb wool. Herat carpet has a thin thread, and the touch is soft and bright. The most important colors used in carpets are blue, black and pink.

How to Understand the Persian Carpet?

Iranian carpets have come to the forefront with respect to other carpets with their brand, master craftsmanship and quality. Who has managed to maintain its quality for centuries Oosters tapijt It obtains its yarns from special animal and quality cotton. In addition to using wool, it is used in silk in Iranian carpets. Special plant dye is used for Iranian carpets that do not lose their former value. This plant paint makes the carpet look beautiful by making a special shade to other carpets. Iranian carpet is distinguished from other carpets when it is touched with its soft, multi-patterned and also used materials. Iranian carpet, which has a lot of visuals, attracts attention with its visuality, and dazzles with its brightness.

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