Hyperloop will spread to the USA with state support

with hyperloop government support
with hyperloop government support

The new generation rail / pressure high speed transportation service developed by Elon Musk's Hyperloop company is now ready to receive government support in the USA.

Hyperloop government support is now official with the new generation rapid transport infrastructure regulation issued by the US Department of Transportation.

The US Federal Railways Administration has announced that it has placed Hyperloop in the same category as other high-speed train projects. Thus, businessmen and investors who want to implement a Hyperloop project will be able to benefit from the infrastructure support funds of the USA. Or government agencies will be able to use Hyperloop projects in the infrastructure of cities.

This is an important step for laying Hyperloop tunnels and starting ultra-fast train journeys between cities. Because implementing Hyperloop without government support is not an easy task. Hyperloop tunnels, which are planned to be built between Chicago, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, cost $ 25 billion. This project is much more likely to go live.

Hyperloop trains can reach speeds of up to 1500 km per hour for vacuum tubers. This means being able to travel from Ankara to Istanbul or from Istanbul to Izmir in half an hour.

It is also thought that this technology will leave the journey with a slower airplane, which requires a very large security and preliminary process. On the routes where Hyperloop tunnels are established, air transportation is expected to lose its intensity over time. (Donanımgünlüg a)

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