How Much Was the Disabled Home Care Salary?

How long was the maintenance home for the disabled?
How long was the maintenance home for the disabled?

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk stated that they increased their pensions paid by 2002 TL in 24 by 35 times to 851 TL.

Minister Selçuk made statements regarding the payments made in social service models, which were made regularly and increased with the regulation on the civil servant salary coefficient in July.

Expressing that monthly payments were made to 2020 million 768 citizens, including 637 thousand elderly people and 1 thousand disabled people, in the payment period of July 405, Minister Selçuk said that the payments made in 2020 will reach 12 billion TL in total.

Stating that the amount of the elderly and disabled pensions increased with the increase in civil servant salaries, Minister Selçuk stated that the elderly pensions increased to 711.50 TL, 40-69 percent disabled monthly pensions increased to 567.97 TL, and 70 percent of disabled citizens' monthly pensions increased to 851.95 TL. shared his knowledge.

We Increased Home Care Fee to 1.544 TL

Minister Selçuk, who noted that the monthly payments paid to citizens under the age of 18 who are in need of disabled persons increased to 567.97 TL, said that the monthly pension of those with severe silicosis increased to 1.562,86 lira.

Underlining that home care assistance is provided to 535.805 citizens with disabilities, Minister Selçuk said, “We increased home care assistance to 2020 TL per month for the July-December period of 1.544,61”.

 We provided 144 million TL support to our 155 thousand children

“We support that our children, who are the guarantee of our future, stay with their families and relatives first, so that they are not left for institutional care for economic reasons.” "In this context, we provide 144 million TL Social Economic Support (SED) for our 155 thousand children per month." used expressions.

Reminding that the amount of assistance per child in the SED service provided to have the same conditions as the peers of the children who are cared for by the family increases from 1.023 TL to 1.082 TL, Minister Selçuk said that the amount of payments made to the foster families was increased from 1.485 TL to 1.687 TL. shared his knowledge.

We Aim To Become Stronger Integrated Into Social Life

Emphasizing that low income individuals and families are supported with the social service models implemented in line with their needs, Minister Selçuk said that the disadvantaged individuals are supported with various service and social aid models.

Stating that they bring together individuals who are supported economically and their families with projects related to production and employment, Minister Selçuk said, “We aim to make our low-income citizens more integrated with economic and social life with these projects.” said.

Minister Selçuk also reminded that the payments of the elderly and disabled pensions are made through PTT between 5 and 9 of each month, and pensions are delivered to households if requested.

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