German Tour Operators Coming to Antalya

German tour operators come to Antalya
German tour operators come to Antalya

Culture and Tourism Ministry of Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency with SunExpress Germany will host 23-26 leading travel professionals in Antalya in July. Turkey's tourism capital Antalya safe holiday options and all the measures taken over the German representatives will be introduced.

Germany's leading tour representing the operators travel participating organizations from different cities in Germany professionals, Culture and Tourism Ministry and Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency by'll find experimentation possibilities in the Safe Tourism Certificate Program implemented tourist facilities.

Stating that they hosted a different group in İzmir last week with SunExpress, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Nadir Alpaslan said, “The opportunity to examine the arrangements we have taken, the measures taken and the Safe Tourism Certification Program practices in place to cover all aspects of the process for the visitors coming to our country to have a safe travel experience. We have successfully completed the organization offering. During the travel, the applications carried out with precision in every field, from airports to transfer vehicles, from accommodation facilities to employees of the tourism sector, were welcomed by the participants. Our goal is that Turkey is a destination where they can spend their holidays in peace and security is in place to show the widest possible audience. " said.

We are always with Turkish Tourism and Antalya

"We have taken action to introduce Antalya, a safe and hygienic tourism region where security measures are applied to high standards, to German tourism professionals," said Ahmet Çalışkan, vice president of SunExpress, saying that Antalya is one of the best addresses for travel under current conditions. We aim to contribute to regional tourism as well. ”

Antalya hardworking, indicating both internal and poles in both the external lines that SunExpress of maximum points connecting airline with scheduled flights, "depending on the normalization process of Turkey's first domestic routes in June, by lifting the ban on the international flight on June 1, We became the first airline to operate both domestic and international flights from our center, Antalya. As the main carrier of Antalya, we connect 10 cities in domestic and 9 cities in international flights due to travel warnings. As the travel bans imposed by countries are lifted, we will increase the number of destinations and voyages. As SunExpress, we have always been with Turkish tourism and Antalya and we will continue to be after that. ”


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