Turkish Patent and Trademark Office to Procure 120 Assistant Experts

turk patent and brand institution will be assistant expert
turk patent and brand institution will be assistant expert

In accordance with the Turkish Patent and Trademark Institution Industrial Property Specialist Regulations, in order to be trained as an Industrial Property Specialist in our Institution, a total of 120 (one hundred (XNUMX) Personnel will be recruited to twenty) Industrial Property Assistant Expert staff.

turk patent and brand institution will be assistant expert

turk patent and brand institution will be assistant expert


1) To meet the conditions specified in the clause (A) of Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48,

2) Table of educational theories in Turkey or abroad accepted by the Higher Education Council, of political information, economics, business administration, economic and administrative sciences, architecture, engineering, science-literature, pharmacy, agriculture and other faculties providing at least four years of undergraduate education. To graduate from the education branches (departments) specified in XNUMX.,

3) By the Measurement, Selection and Placement Center; To get the minimum score from the type of points stated in Table-2018 in the Public Personnel Selection Examinations (KPSS) held in 2019 - XNUMX for the (A) group cadres,

4) To have a document from the Foreign Language Level Determination Exam (YDS) at least (C) from the English language or to have the equivalent score from the exams which have international validity and whose equivalence is accepted by ÖSYM Board of Directors.

5) Not to be over thirty-five years old as of the first day of January of the year in which the entrance examination is held.


1) The applications will be made by the candidates who meet the requirements, by filling out the form published in the official section of the official website of our Institution (www.turkpatent.gov.tr) electronically within 30 (thirty) days from the announcement published in the Official Gazette.

2) Applications made only through the website of the Authority are valid, and applications made by hand or by mail to our Institution will not be accepted.

3) Candidates who apply for the entrance exam and meet the conditions of participation; As a result of the ranking made starting from the one with the highest score in the KPSS score type determined for each group specified in Table-1, candidates up to 4 times the number of positions to be appointed (including the candidates with the same score as the last candidate) are entitled to participate in the oral exam. kazanwill work.

4) The right to take the oral exam kazanThe names of the candidates, the place, form, date and time of the exam and the required documents will be announced on the website of our Institution (www.turkpatent.gov.tr) at least 15 (fifteen) days before the exam date.

5) Among the candidates who will take the oral exam;

a) Application form created on the official website of our institution (www.turkpatent.gov.tr),

b) The original copy of the graduation certificate or exit certificate or the diploma equivalency certificate for those who have completed their education abroad (original copy of the certificate will be returned by the Authority if the application is made), or a copy of the faculty or notary certified by them.

c) A copy of the KPSS result document with a control code taken from ÖSYM website,

ç) The original of the foreign language document or the copy of the result document with a control code,

d) Turkish Identity Number declaration (photocopy of identity card)

You will be required.


Oral examination;

a) The level of knowledge related to the exam topics stated in the 10th article of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Institution Industrial Property Expertise Regulation,

b) Comprehending and summarizing a subject, ability to express and reasoning power,

c) Qualification, representation ability, suitability of behavior and reactions to the profession,

ç) Self-confidence, persuasiveness and credibility,

d) General ability and general culture,

e) Openness to scientific and technological developments,

It will be carried out by evaluating the aspects and giving points separately.


1) Candidates must submit a score of fifty points for subparagraph (a) specified by the Examination Committee under the title of Oral Exam Subjects, and ten points for each of the features written in subparagraphs (b), (c), (ç), (d) and (e). It will be evaluated.

2) In order to be considered successful in the oral exam, the arithmetic average of the oral exam scores given by the President and members of the Exam Board over a hundred points must be at least seventy.

3) The candidates' success score is the oral exam score, and each group specified in Table-XNUMX will be ranked starting from the candidate with the highest success score among themselves. In case of equal success, the candidate with high KPSS score will be given priority. As a result of this ranking, the main candidates will be determined as much as the total number of positions specified in the announcement and half the number of substitute candidates specified in the announcement.


1) You can pass the entrance exam as a principal and a substitute. kazanMoments will be announced on the website of our Institution (www.turkpatent.gov.tr), and no separate written notification will be made regarding the results.

2) Candidates may object to the entrance exam results in writing within 7 (seven) days of the announcement date.


1) The right to take the entrance examination kazanCandidates will be admitted to the exam by presenting their identity card or driver's license with a photo on the oral exam date.

2) Take the entrance exam kazanThe exams of those who are found to have made false statements in the documents requested in the application will be deemed invalid and their appointments will not be made. If they have been assigned, they will be cancelled. In addition, a criminal complaint is filed against these persons to the Public Prosecutor's Office. In this way, if those who mislead the Institution are public officials, this situation is also reported to the institution they work for.

3) If there are those who do not apply from the candidates in the main list or who cannot be appointed for any reason or leave after the appointment, they will be appointed from the reserve list. The rights of the candidates on the reserve list are valid for six months from the announcement of the exam results and do not constitute the right of acquis or any priority for subsequent exams.

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