2020 Pension Application From Where, How? How to Calculate Retirement Pension?

how to apply for retirement
how to apply for retirement

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Requirements for retirement must be met before applying for retirement. If the retirement application is made before the retirement conditions determined for 2020 are met, this application is directly rejected.

Where to Apply for Retirement? Which Documents are Required?

The Social Security Institution (SGK) issued a warning for retirement calculators and those who count the days for their retirement. In this warning, it was requested to update the data on pension borrowing and to process these updates to Kesenek Information System. The reason for this is that thanks to up-to-date information, pension applications can be completed within one day…

In order to apply, you must first know the documents required to retire. First of all, you need to inform the Social Security Institution (SGK) of your age and premium status. After this notification, you will be determined whether you are entitled to retirement and if it results in a positive result, you will receive a 'retire' letter. In the paper that says 'You have been found to have been entitled to retirement', it is written at the bottom that you have to submit the document to the Human Resources Department of the institution where you work. After the delivery of this document, you must apply to SSI again with the exit document you will receive from your workplace.

After the application, you have to fill out the dismissal document and the Allocation Request and Declaration Commitment Document. Then, you should get a card by SGK with the 'Aging Allocation Number'. The purpose of this card is to keep track of your pension application. The only thing to do after this process is to wait. Your application is evaluated and you are informed as soon as possible.

If You Are Waiting For The Retirement

If you have filled your premium days, you are not working, so if you are just waiting for the age requirement to retire, you should do the same with other citizens. First, you will receive a retirement letter from SGK. You will then complete the Allocation Request form completely. You will receive the card with your latest Age Allocation number. Again, your application will be examined and information will be given by SSI.

One of the procedures to complete your retirement process is military or birth debt. A letter confirming your situation should be sent to the SSI from the relevant institutions. Application procedures cannot be completed without these approvals.

How to Apply for Retirement via E-Government?

In order to apply for retirement via e-delet, in electronic form “Income, Monthly, Allowance Request Document ” You need to fill in the document. To fill this document to this link After clicking on the "Verify My Identity Now" button from the screen that appears, go to the login screen to verify your identity.


If you wish, you can log in to the e-Government Gateway with your TR identity number and password, or you can log in to the e-Government Gateway system with the support of a mobile signature, e-Signature or the internet branch of any bank. It doesn't matter which method you verify your identity. You can make your 4 / A (SSK) pension application after verifying your identity by any method.

To do this you need to do the following:

SSI allocation request form e state
SSI allocation request form e state
  • Click the "+ New Application" button.
SSI allocation request form e state
SSI allocation request form e state
  • Select the allocation request type (For the first SSI Application - choose AGE MONTHLY).
  • Select the insured type (4A for SSK, 4B for BAĞKUR).
  • If you chose BAĞKUR, enter the BAĞKUR number.
  • Press the "Next" button.

ON OTHER SCREENS * Fill in the fields marked with.

When you complete all the records and complete the process, the system will create an EK1 document. After the application with the barcode number, SGK officials will contact you.

Retirement Application Inquiry How To?

Required conditions for the retirement of the employees; to fill in the specific day, age and premium day. Those who meet these conditions can apply for retirement. The application process is completed after the documents required for the application process are fully submitted. Now how to make a pension application inquiry to check the stage of your pension application after these stages? Let's learn the answer to the question together.

Pension How long does it take?

Retirement transactions process; It varies according to the insurance branches and type of your services. If you have service in more than one insurance branch (4A, 4B, 4C), this service will be combined and the monthly connection period will be extended as this process usually takes a long time. In large cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, the process of linking pensions due to density may take a long time. In general, pension allocation procedures are concluded between 1 and 3 months.

SGK Retirement Application Inquiry

The title opened for the pension application inquiry on the official website of the SGK, where we can make pension application inquiries, is “SGK Document Registration and Tracking”. For this you can reach it by clicking this link. After clicking on the link, we need to write our TR ID number and enter our registration year information. Then click on the "Search Documents" button. Thus, you will have made our pension application inquiry.

Retirement Application Inquiry Through E-Government

To make a pension application inquiry through the e-government system, you must first have an e-government password. If you do not have an e-government password, if you apply to the nearest PTT branch with your identity card, your password is delivered for a fee. After receiving your e-government password by clicking this link on the page that opens Press the 'Verify My Identity Now' button. On the page to be opened, you need to click on the login button after entering your TR identity number and e-government password. Then on the page you are directed to, you should select your application year and click on the Inquiry button. Thus, pension application inquiry via e-government is completed.

Pension Fund Retirement Application Inquiry

This inquiry management, which is used by 4-C insured people, ie employees affiliated to the Pension Fund, is also valid for the e-government system. Retirement application inquiry for 4C, ie retirement fund employees by clicking the link link You can perform. In the page that opens, if you have a pension application, you can see the information about it.

When Does Retirement Bonus Lie?

After your retirement application is made, your pension application will be evaluated. Although this evaluation process varies according to the workload of SGK and your application, it is an average of 1 month. After the 1-month evaluation process, you will be notified of the application status. The time when the retirement bonus is awarded is the month after the application is approved. In an average of 1 month, your retirement bonus will be deposited in your account and you will start to receive regular salary.

How to Calculate Retirement Pension?

If you are not currently retired and your total service day is more than 3600 days, you can calculate the pension you will receive when you retire. For this, you should use the "Social Security Institution Retirement Pension Calculator" application. CLICK for Pension Monthly Calculation

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